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G'Day everyone...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Teal aaaaahhh!, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. New here....live in Western Sydney.....ride a TL1000R....had a lot of bikes from CBR's to Blackbirds to Harleys to GSX-R's.....in all, I think I have had about 25 bikes.... :oops:

    I'm a mechanic by trade....married with 2 sprogs....and enjoy a good fast ride....or a nice relaxing day trip with the wife. Anyone interested in hooking up for a ride...let me know :cool:

  2. Where ya from mate
  3. Western Sydney.....TOOOOOngabbie :oops:
  4. welcome, come along to the ranch on wednesday night for dinner meet up with us all netriders.. :wink:
  5. Hey! Welcome to the fun!

    Have I seen you on OSB as well?

  6. Welcome TLR, a big bike rider for a change, and one with a long history, too I see. You didn't post your age but can I guess the other side of 40?

    Anyway, it's great to have you on board; you MUST tell us some stories of the many bikes you've owned and ridden.....
  7. Welcome TL...R.
    There is ride this weekend thru Putty Rd. You might be interested. See the events section.
  8. TLR,
    I'm also from Toonie. Welcome aboard. I'm sure I'll see you 'round if I don't see you on a ride. It's good to know there is a mechanic nice and close....

  9. Yeah, I'm there....not too active though....mainly read, laugh, and every now and then post something.... :wink:
  10. LOL! Mate....I'm 33 :oops: I think the problem is that I get bored really easily...and move on. That said, I have settled down somewhat these days.

    I'll try and list them....but my memory is clouded with JD :cool:

    LTD250 - Learners bike
    GS400 - Bought for $150 painted flat black and ridden to Nowra and back without any further inspection :oops:
    XL500 - Bough home in a box and put back together with a new frame
    YZ125 - nuthin' special
    GL1500 - Um.....big and cumfy :cool:
    GSX-R1100WT - She was special!!! Bought new....on the track when it was 3 days old....taken back home, stripped...and thus the build up of my first (and only...so I don't know why I said that.. :LOL: ) 7/11 begun. It ended up with a lot os Yoshi gear in it.....advancers and so on....flat slides. I ended up getting pinged on that bike...and lost my brief for 4 years! :evil: Anyway...that was then....
    RF900 - POS....I really didn't like this bike.
    Honda ACE - Um....yeah I hated that too....so it lived with me for about 2 months.
    A few CB250's
    A 1996 Softail Custom - too much money went into this bike...not enough came back :cry:
    2005 CBR1100XX - Sold with 1618km because I had to tip money back into my business :evil: :evil: :evil:
    ....oh...there's so many, I can't even remember them all. I might have to go through my photo album :p

    oh yeah...a 1981 F1 Bol D'or....getting a concourse resto at present

    I know that at one point in my life....I had 7 bikes and 4 cars in my stables. These days I have 3 cars...and 3 bikes. :cool: