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Gday everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by xxRedxx, May 6, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have finally made an account after ages of lurking about and reading all i can find that interests me and have decided this is definitely insightful for a new rider.

    Ive been riding since January of this year and ive had my fair few scares from idiotic drivers. Ive actually recently decided to invest in some new gear rather then get a faster bike. I look silly on my tiny thing but at least i know im safe if anything happens. It also happens to be alot of white and ive gotten a few nicknames cause of it. Michelin man, The Stig, Power Ranger.

    I had originally never ridden but have always wanted to so i decided to dive into the unknown and i absolutely love it!

    First bike i couldnt justify being a brand new ninja or anything fancy so i got a cheap piece of crap that was reliable and figured if i dropped it then its not a massive lost. Unfortunately its not a kawasaki or a honda or any name brand. Its a Bollini speed 200. So pathetic but its clean and keeps going so for my first bike im not disappointed but i am definitely going to upgrade.

    You can all start paying out my crappy little bike xD

    Oh and Im from adelaide and would definitely like to meet up with some guys that wouldnt mind going for a bike of a ride or maybe even teaching me a few things. :)

    Have a good day everyone! :D
  2. XXRedXX,

    Welcome to NR. Whilst a Bollini is the not the first bike I would consider, it's at least a bike and an intro into riding. Good idea with the investment into gear; but please note that whatever gear you're wearing it will not protect you from yourself or a big hunk of metal known as a car!

    Suggest you find one or two experienced people to ride with and learn from. It's worthwhile getting their experiences as it can often save you going through some of the simple and silly things we all do when learning.

    Once you're confident go and grab your "P"s and continue to learn. Then when you're reasonably confident and have upgraded your bike do the odd course. I'd suggest Stay Upright but I don't think they operate in SA. Check out Hart (see link)


  3. Welcome xxRedxx, We all love our bikes no matter what they are, IF you get fun out of your bike then who cares what others think.
  4. Welcome, to Netrider and to riding. Don't worry about what you are riding, just enjoy the fact that you are riding....