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g'day everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by riderbythesea, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. hi all,

    just joined this forum 5min ago, looking for some riding companionship in australia.

    i live in atlanta, USA and Dalian, China, owning multiple bikes at both locations. i've ridden from melbourne to Warrnambool on a harley in '08 and last year i did sydney to canberra and then the vineyards! both rides were life time experience and i'm definitely heading back for more.

    keep rubber side down

  2. Ha!

    Welcome me ol mucka

  3. Welcome buddy!

    When are you heading to Australia next?
  4. Welcome and have fun mate.

    Regarding your other question about part time work the realistic hourly rate could be anyweher from $15-30.
  5. i want to go back and do a trackday, i went to philip island and bought the shirt "have you ridden on philip island?" ha...what's the rate for a trackday in sydney area? and i'd need to rent a bike as well.

    on the note of the warehouse...we're in bike accessories business as well, and to have the right staff at our warehouse has been my biggest headache. so i think i'd take my time to know the rider community then go from there. thanks for all the advices!

    bike biz in US is really struggling, my next door harley dealer, went out after 35 years. new unit sales dropped 42% in 09 and another 18% this year, so if it keeps going like this in 2 years we'll all be flat.
  6. Harley? So?

    Ha Ha!!
  7. Hey there - when are you going to Aust? I'm back a fair bit (currently living in Shanghai - so not far from you!) Also, what the riding like up in Dalian? Its non existent here in Shanghai unless its a track day.