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G'day Everyone.. Just wanna introduce my self

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dreamah-07, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just like to introduce my self. I’m Blair, from South Oz, and have just gone 15.
    Growing up with a Dad that owned Honda & Suzuki dealerships and has always had bikes, I’ve been interested in bikes since I was pretty young.

    As ive just turned 15 ive started looking for a race bike. So Hopefully lookin forward to chatting on here for some time.

    Cheers Blair,

  2. Welcome Dreamah, you must be one gutsy girl :grin:

    Good luck with the racing :cool:
  3. Hi Blair, welcome :grin:

    I think you'd be one of our youngest members, good one :cool:

    You would have gained heaps of insight into bikes over the years with your Dad owning dealerships.... might be able to teach some of us older ones a thing or two :wink:
  4. Thanks Guys, I may get called a chick on the track :p
    But of the track im usually a guy.. ;)

    Pitty dad Doesnt have the Dealerships these days, But yea I was always out back with the boys in the workshops, doing tha best I could :grin:
  5. welcome :)
  6. there were suzukis in broadford. were you there?
  7. Sounds awesome Blair! Kick ass race bike!

    Welcome mate!
    Great to see more Young South Aussies getting involved. Seems like a huge SA mass joining going on. Join in and chat and have fun. There's sure to be alot of help being thrown your way and there is a wealth of good advice and help form other members here to in any help you may need wiht you bike (future bike).

    Take care and maybe we'll see you as a passenger out sometime!
  8. Welcome to our forum Blair :newb:
  9. Welcome matey. :grin:

  10. Welcome Blair
  11. Now THAT'S what I call getting a head start!!!

    Welcome to the forums, Blair, although not to motorcycling; sounds like the racing fuel has always been running through your veins.

    Here's a great place to start your career. http://snipurl.com/1iu3g
  12. Looks like my record is in danger.....

    Welcome Blair....have fun and don't take people here too seriously..we are all insane!!...... that's why we ride bikes :twisted:
  13. Under your name it says 16? Anyways welcome.
  14. Thanks Everyone!!!!!,
    Looking forward to staying on here for some time..
    And im getting Closer and Closer to 125GP bikes as we speak :D

    Dont know why it ses 16? I only just turned 15... meh

    Cheers Blair :grin:
  15. Welcome Blair.
    I just joined this week too and already these guys have been a great bunch, plenty of advice going around.
    Come out for coffee with us. I missed last night so next week will be my first time there to chat with people in person. Coffee info is in "Other States Ride and Event Announcements" under Sticky: [Adel] Wednesday Coffee Nights, Scoozi cafe, Rundle St.
    Cya soon!
  16. Yea thats tru mate, Everyone on here is great.
    Sounds like a plan mate, probably have to give this one a miss.. I will head down with dad at some stage, an we can take one of his bikes.. ??
    Ill keep in touch tho mate :cool:
  17. Hey I remember your arse from PBPA. I was admin there.
    Where you at now?
  18. Welcome aboard.

    Get out on the track and kick some RS :D
  19. Ayy, u talking pocketbikeplanet aus right?
    im still ridding pockets/Motards.. But Now im process of moving onto bigger an better things..

    what about yourself...?