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G'day everybodys

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. hi all, just saying hello, new user here but lifelong motorcyclist :D
    Currently riding a hot 97 gsx-r 750, mostly on the track these days at least until i but a new road bike and de-register the gixxer \:D/
    Also always go to the motogp/ wsbk /and local events as an official. if you want to see some of my pics goto http://groups.msn.com/RacingTrackandcrowdpics

    cheers all...Keep it twisted :twisted:
  2. Hi sbk_750,

    Welcome to Netrider. :)
  3. Welcome to the forums sbk :) :)
  4. Hey sbk, welcome to the forums :)
  5. Hi sbk_750,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider!
  6. Welcome to the forum sbk_750
  7. howdy sbk_750
    welcome to the funnyfarm.... :LOL:
  8. Hi there!! Welcome aboard!!

    :D :D :D
  9. Welcome aBoard sbk_750 - hope to see you at an event soon.

    Ride safe!
  10. G'day and welcome sbk_750
  11. gday mate welcome to the team
  12. Hi sbk_750 . Welcome to the wonderful world of netrider :D .
  13. Welcome sbk_750. Don't forget to turn your bullshit filters to maximum while you are here.
  14. i tried to look at the photos but could only see photos of a blond girl ?
    although she is esthetically please to the old eyes , i was looking for a gsx 750 :)
    please don't tell me you are the blond :oops:
  15. Heya,

    Welcome to the forums.. :D :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  16. Errrr yer what they said...
  17. Hi sbk and welcome :)

    Hey Groberts....me thinks its the blonde!?..cause thats all i could see too :D
  18. G'day and welcome sbk_750
  19. mmmmmmmmmmmmm :wink: :LOL:
    (from a dirty old married man ) :LOL:

    if its not and the blonde is the girl friend i think i will be introuble :LOL: