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G'day everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wolfmother, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all, my name is Andrew and l am all new too motor bikes. Coming from a cycling background l thought moto was the next step for me.(plus the missus rides.) My Grandad used too be into bikes when he was younger back in England, and l always loved his stories of rides and the bikes he once rode and raced.
    It has taken me 8 years to take the learners test and last week was the day. (I was always bit of a bull in a china shop when l raced mountain bikes at a younger age. and did not think l could control myself on a motor bike.) Had a blast and pasted. But l still have heaps to learn.
    I picked up my first bike today a GPX 250 and wow. I just want to keep riding all day, l am hooked.

  2. Well, what's stopping you? :grin:

    Sorry Wolfmother, but the two wheel addiction has no known cure.
  3. Got that right! Welcome and enjoy WM :)
  4. Welcome, Andrew, I hope you can stay around and make lots of worthwhile contributions to Netrider....

    {In between riding, that is... :LOL:.}
  5. Welcome Woflmother :grin:
  6. YAY!!! welcome, I'm from Numurkah and work in Cobram. welcome to the group. we are finally getting the netrider numbers up in this part of the world.
    Hope to see you out there sometime.
    Have fun
  7. Woohoooo we have another NR in this part of the world
    Welcome :LOL:
  8. Welcome Wolfmother-there's no going back now. Enjoy your ride.
  9. Welcome Wolfmother.

    I'm gonna take a stab and say you're a fan of their music?

    I shall heckle you after you settle in :p
  10. You're doomed, DOOMED I say.........um, I mean, Welcome Wolfmother :grin:
  11. Wolfmother rock, pure and simple. But l am still a lover of all other music.
    Great to see other riders from Mul and Numurkah. I heard there is a group of riders who go out from Numurkah last sunday of each month, are you one of them?. Give me a buzz when you are back in Cobram.
    Thank's every one for the welcome and have a safe and merry Christmas.
  12. You guys aren't all THAT far away from Melbourne. On a bike, you're barely an hour away. :p

    Welcome, Wolfmother. :grin:
  13. Welcome Wolfmother :grin:
  14. I know its the silly season ... so what ever your drinking must be good. :LOL:
  15. Howdy Wolfmother n welcome! :grin: