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g'day another noob here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by johl88, Dec 2, 2012.

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    hi guys just joined up here and it said i should do one of these threads so here goes.

    my name is johl, im in the RAAF and live out near ipswich QLD. i used to ride a 89' ZX2R for a few years but ended up selling it so i could continue building my drift car (in my avatar). i only just recently got my R licence after 4 years of holding my RE's and never getting around to it.

    i have done all my licences and rider training through peta at cycle right so if there are any people on here that have done the same it would be good to hear.

    at the moment i would really like a 2012 R1 but i dont think i can convince the mrs until i sell my drift car which should be completed really soon.

    so thats a little bit about me, i will probably stay quiet around here and just read alot of information until im ready to purchase my next toy.
  2. its amazing you have a missus lol
    buy a house
  3. just clicked on this cos of your picture...
    Got any more pics or videos of the car?

    I have an 87 Levin and also a ke with a 4age which I'm half way through the insatll with.

    Anyway, welcome from another new rider
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  4. yeh i have a build thread on hachiroku.com.au that is somewhat up to date. i'l tell you some quick specs then upload some pics.
    engine- tomei stroked ca18 (stroked to 2L)
    yr22 diff
    15x8.5-21, 15x10-51 lonchamps
    stripped out interior with just a bride seat and top of the dash.
    280hp on conservative tune from when it was in my mates s13.
    just need to wire in the lights and ignition then it can finally start in my 86.
    2012-01-29095618-1. [​IMG]
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  5. is your levin a hatch or coupe robertoX? i will almost definitely have to sell this to buy a new r1... decisions decisions
  6. Looks alright! should go fairly well once it is running.

    Mines a coupe with some very mild engine work and suspension/diff etc.
    A lot of fun.

    I'm also thinking of selling, I ride all the time now and it is just sitting there costing me money in rego and insurance. Too hard to let go though...