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G'day All!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nazmatt2, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone.
    I Have been a member for a while, just lurking in the back ground and realised I have not introduced myself!!

    My name is Matt, from Albury NSW and work for a local transport company as a Network Administrator. married, 4 kids.
    I started out as a mechanic, so love anything that had an engine in it. Did that for around 10 years and decided that that there has to be a better way to feed the ever growing family! Some days I miss the spanners.

    Have been riding on and off for approx 15 years, haven't owned a bike for about 4 years).
    Last bike was a Z750c twin, what a beast, shoulda hung onto it.

    Hope to have my bum on a CBR1100xx by the end of the year, unless my circumstances change (like a lottery win). They are starting become a little hard to come by new now, but can't see myself on anything else!!!

    You could nearly say that I'm Infatuated

    Hope to catch up with a few of you soon.
  2. hello and welcome :grin:
  3. Hi Matt

    Welcome to Netrider
    my husband is the same as you, mech by trade, comp nerd by choice :LOL:

    hope you get the bike you want and that the time till you get it goes quickly

  4. Thanks Phil and Tracey.