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G'day all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gremlin85, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. G'day i thought i should introduce myself im Chris AKA Gremlin , im new to the whole bike scene, ive wanted to ride ever since i first saw a bike as a little kid but naturallly things kept getting in the way! but ive finally decided to take the pluge and get my licence (i plan on ringing the RTA this week and booking for the next L's course) and on getting a loan and buying bike within the next month or 2 and when i was asking around about the best place to come and talk and meet other riders and get good information or help pretty much everyone pointed me here! so naturally i had to join! ;)

  2. welcome to the forum.....

  3. Welcome, Chris. Another NSW rider, eh? Are you going to get a 250 or go the LAMS route? Enjoy!!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome

    and im not quite sure which way im going yet , i thought it best to not narrow down my options too much since i dont know enough yet to confidently say whats best for me , i plan on trying to get a loan around the $6 grand mark , and then spend around $1000 - $1500 on my helmet pants jacket and other essentials and then see whats the best bike i can get with whats left over , i know whatever bike i get ill be stuck with for several years at least or until whenever i pay off my loan so i want something that will last me the distance and still be enjoyable and fast enough generally to keep up with the pack somewhat after im off my p's , but generally the direction im leaning right now is the sportsbike route , id love a chopper but well theres no way i could even think of affording one of those for a long long time!
  5. LAMS would be good then, ride it in restricted mode for the first 15 months and then de-restrict it for the rest of the time....
  6. Ive had that suggested to me before too , i had a look at the Hyosung GT650RL but i highly doubt id be approved for a loan to cover anything near the price for it yet alone the gear costs/insurance ect, so im stuck in the anywhere from $3-5,000 range and i wouldnt have a clue what bikes would fit the bill for me in that price range so being the typical clueless newbie ive been looking at the usual suspects for a L's bike like the CBR250RR, GSX250F , NSR150SP ,SRX250,VTR250 ect ect and even then since i dont know that much im still not exactly sure about whats best ect and still within the price range im looking at for something that wont cost an arm or a leg
  7. LAMS is fantastic. I can thoroughly recommend buying an older bike from the long list of candidates.
    Again, I can vouch for a Z 650 being an excelent learner's machine that will give good service after you get your licence.
    A great Z will set you back $2k or less, parts new and second hand are ridiculously easy to find, they ride like a much more modern bike than they are, excellent ergonomics, great tractible engine, very forgiving of any silly manouvres, bulletproof construction etc.
    Just be sure to get one with alloy wheels(older spoked wheels rust around teh spokes, this can cause slow leaks, punctures etc, and is invisible inside the rim) and twin front discs, anything after around 1982 will sort you out I think.
    Don't let the age of the bike fool you, sure you may end up spending a few dollars here and there, but it will end up way less than dropping $5k on a faired 250, which will have a much shorter lifespan.
    I can't speak for other brands on teh LAMS list, but your best bet is to keep an eye out for anything on the list that comes up for sale, then search the net to see what the availability of spares and their prices are. You wil hopefully also find opinions on the bike around the net.
    Do not underestimate the cost of spares/maintenence, if you have to buy everything from a dealer, it will get pricey very fast with an older bike (any bike for that matter).
    This is where the older, semi desireable bikes shine, lots of new reproduction parts available.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Welcome to netrider :)
  9. Cheers ChArMs :) thanks for the welcome

    and as for the Z 650 , that is one uuugly bike! hah i have to admit id happily give up any power gains that bike has for something that uh looks good ;) , not to offend any Z 650 lovers out there its just definitely not my cup of tea! i know many people will probably say buy a POS as your first bike but since im going to be stuck with it for years before i could even consider upgrading i want something that performs well enough and is asthetically pleasing to my eyes ;) i defintely want something with full fairings , it may cost more to insure and fix when i wipe out but im just not a fan of the naked look on a sportsbike

    its going to be my main form of transport it comes down to either getting a car or a bike and well id rather the bike!
  10. Hi Gremlin, welcome to NR :grin:
  11. welcome gremlin.
  12. Welcome to riding Chris, good luck with your L's.
  13. Cheers guys :)
  14. I just booked my learners course and thanks to a last minute cancelation im doing it this weekend :D the place ive booked in is Clyde on the 14th ad 15th , and from what ive heard its a good place to do the course at :) im kind of supprised actually i was expecting to have to wait a few weeks before i could get a booking!