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G'day all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SP1Den, Jun 3, 2005.

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  2. Sweet bike mate!

    Welcome to netrider, enjoy your stay :)
  3. Welcome to the site. Can't see the pic's coz I had to join up.

    Cheers 8)
  4. Welcome to the Madness :D :D
    Nice Bike :) tho I hope you don't ride in the pictured atire :shock:
  5. Welcome to our world!

    Top looking machine!

    Just keep it that way!
  6. Welcome mate.

    :D :D

    PS. Nice bike!!
  7. Where are your favourite rides that you have discoverd so far?
  8. Gday.. Nice bike!
  9. Love your protective riding gear!!!
    Nice bike, and welcome to the maddest place outside the asylum
  10. Welcome to Netrider SPIDen. I hope you get some fine weather over the next few weekends to enjoy your new bike :)
  11. Good to see another new member!!! Welcome SP1Den
  12. Howdy SP1Den, and everyone else. I've been just lookin' for ages and thought i'd pop in to say 'ello 'ello.
  13. Howdy mate and welcome. :D
  14. Hi all,
    and thanx for the welcome.
    Just not sure about the attire comment.
    All proper, but for the jeans, does this mean I can't ride my bike till I buy the leather pants?
    I ride on the old road, blue mountains, kangaroo valley and I am sure there will be many more places in time. been off the road for a while playing in the dirt, so taking my time getting used to my new toy.....
  15. The comment about riding attire is because the picture you posted shows you in shorts and a singlet; I was actually trying to be funny.
    I live in Wollongong, so perhaps one day when you are heading down to the Kangaroo Valley we could meet up and fang down there together.
  16. G'day hornet600, my reply was moreso to Jafu, but not sure what has happened as I posted a pic with myself in leather!
    Is it a pic of an sp1 or a TL1000r?
    I have a feeling image station has muddled up my pics, but when I click on the link I get the one of me standing behind my sp1 wearing leather!!!!????
    hhhmmmm strange......

    Yep I think a ride around kanga valley could be on the cards.....
  17. ....so that's the reason!

    The two pics posted show you sitting on a yellow bike clad only in singlet and shorts (the rider, idiot, not the bike!)

    I'm sure a person who would condescend to join us here at Netrider would only ever ride his steed in the finest of gear, even if he was only going down to the shop to get milk and bread for the little lady!

    Sunday afternoons I can usually slip the martial leash and head for the hills, it is such a trial living only 2 miles from Macquarie Pass!!!!!!!
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  19. Welcome to the site SP1Den, nice bike you have there. Scenery pretty spectacular as well.
    Well see you round
    Mel :)