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G'day all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dontnubblemebro, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Good to see a decent community going, been lurking for a bit, and you all seem like a pretty nice bunch

    Finally getting close to riding again after 6 or so years, bought a CB100 when I was 9, found out exactly how quick 80ks is when you're in a paddock, but then it decided to stop working, so that was the end of my fun, still got it though.

    Now I'm looking at getting on the road properly, giving some thought to a CBR125 as a learner, I'm of a reasonable height, but my budget is really limited (I can put aside $320 a month, so bugger all). And for the sort of riding I want, I reckon it'd be pretty well suited.

    Other than that, not much else I can say about myself, I'm out in the sticks in Central Vic, and I'm hopeless at writing intro posts.

    Thanks for enduring the post
  2. bud...welcome...and bloody scrap the idea of that 125 straight away - find a second hand vtr/gpx/gsx 250 ....especially for someone who's willing to work so hard saving for it you will be over the moon with one of these bikes as they are very reliable and will keep you happy for a few years until your on your full license - don't be afraid of the power the 250's are tame lil beasts.
  3. Cheers mate, I appreciate it

    My thinking behind the 125 is, it's something I can afford within a few months, and it'll make a good gf bike when I upgrade. But I'll bow to outside wisdom. I have taken one for a spin (obviously not on the road...), it gets up to around 80 without much trouble, and I'm 200lb, so that doesn't help things. But I know they're a dressed up scooter.

    VTRs are a bit out of my league price wise, but the GPX is getting close to it, I still need to get a license and gear, which won't be a cheap exercise.

    For me, lack of transport is stopping me getting a job (40km out of Bendigo), and without a job I can't afford a nice bike, bit of a catch 22. I don't expect it to be cheap by any means, but I can fix a bike myself, and the fuel cost offsets a lot of the upkeep of the bike.
  4. then mate definitely go the gpx....even if you have to spend $200 getting to a bike you want to buy because it's the right price....(I don't know pounds...so i'll just presume your basically abit of a heavy fcuker in which case this confirms my views that you belong on ATLEAST a 250)

    also check out zzr 250's - they run the same engine's as gpx's...just a bigger build with revised electrics n blah blah blah....
  5. Guess I'd better go see a loan shark Cashies and see how much they want to give me, and I'll try to shift this CB. Then I better spam my post count up, there's some reasonable deals going here.

    What's the rules on asking advice about a bike on one of the trading sites? I know there's no linking in the trading section.

    And I'm about 190cm and 90kg, not a really heavy bastard, but certainly not little. So 125s are a stretch, never been on a 250
  6. if you can wait by all means do so....borrowing money from such organisations always ends up fcuking you in the long run

    asking advice about bikes of which your looking at is perfectly fine as far as I know - perhaps start a thread stating what your roughly looking at bike/price wise and throw up links for a few bikes your considering and ask netriders if there is anything you should be wary of regarding said bikes you've posted up.
  7. As someone who's spent a lot of time riding a 250 around the Bendigo area (Fosterville) I'll certainly second crisis' comment about not going anywhere near a 125. The lack of power and light weight (especially when hit by a wind gust from a passing truck) makes them stupidly dangerous on country highways.

    The GPX would be the best budget option by far (which is why I own one), but keep an eye out for any other 250s that might be around. Although there aren't as many used bikes in the country as there are in the city, there's also generally a lot less buyers too, so it is often possible to get a very good deal on something with only 1 or 2 owners.
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  8. Actually I just realised I still have a saved search on ebay for cheap bikes around Western Vic, which just brought up this:
    CB250s are a bit down on power and handling compared with a GPX, but are very reliable and cheap/easy to work on and will certainly cope okay with highway riding. Looks to be in good condition too so it would be a much better buy than even a brand new CBR125 IMO.
  9. You can get some good second hand LAMS bikes for under $3000. If you budget it tight, that's what I'd be looking at.

    Even have a look at the 400 to 650 dirt bikes.
  10. Welcome to posting here, and good luck with your search, I agree with what the others are saying about the 250 instead of a 125...
  11. Welcome. You will have better results if you post in the bike reviews and questions section as more people read them.
  12. Cheers everyone, had some internet problems so I can only get on with my phone, and it's a PITA to post on it.

    Got a good offer on another bike, so I'll clutter up other sections.