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G'day all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gobberwart, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Just got the learners on the weekend and found this site while hunting for info about decent LAMS bikes for a nervous beginner. Looks like there's a lot of good info and people here so I signed up.

    A bit about me... I'm nearly 40 and absolutely reject the suggestion that I'm having an early midlife crisis, no matter what the wife says :) I've ridden dirt bikes a little bit. Nothing fancy, just tooling around in the bush on cheap junk (Atomik... Yes, I know they're crap, but they're cheap and still fun) so I'm really still just a beginner and don't have a lot of confidence yet.

    I have got that piece of paper from vicroads though, and ultimately I want to get myself a nice comfy cruiser for some big country rides. Harley would be the dream, if I ever win the lotto =D

    For now, I'm looking for a starter bike to practice as much as I can for my full licence. Something that's got some guts (to haul my 95 kg around) but not too much (so it doesn't scare the shit out of me) and won't break the bank since I'll probably only have it until I'm off my P's.

    Still not sure if I'll go cruiser style (intruder 250 etc) or naked (cbf250, vtr250 etc), or if I should start a bit higher powered, but I'm looking around at the options, reviews etc while I sort out my budget, which prob will be about 7000 including gear and on roads. Any advice appreciated :)

    Alright, enough about me. Off to go look at some shiny things =D
  2. Welcome to NR.

    If you like cruisers, the Yam XVS650 seems a popular choice. Not sure how these fit into your budget tho. My LAMS bike was a VTR250 - great bike, and I'll be selling it soon.

    You haven't said where you're from, but if you're in Syd or Melb, get down to the Learner sessions and meet some NRs and ogle some bikes. Doesn't matter if you don't have your bike yet.
  3. Yes there is.

    Don't be deceived...

    Kidding! For the most part, everyone here is great value.

    Best of luck with it. It's a fun time looking for your bike. I hope you find exactly what you want. Welcome to NR.
  4. Welcome ! And enjoy
  5. Welcome :)

    You're not gobberwart on twitter as well are you??? :LOL:
  6. Hey
    Kf course its a mid life , dont fight it )

    As grdydog says vk the 650
    Its most powerful lam cruised - i think .
    Anyway i have a 650 an 1100 great bikes but i am also
    A noob in a crisis

    Skip the 250 s u will just waste money
  7. Welcome we need more cruisers on this forum
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  8. I was looking at the XVS650, but I think they're probably out of my budget, also might just be a bit big & heavy for me as a novice. Or maybe I'm just a sook, heh. Either way, I think budget's going to be the decider for me right now. I've got to fit bike, gear, rego, insurance and any other accessories I need under $7500, so I probably need to keep the bike under $5k.

    I'm in Melb, so I'll check that out! Thanks for the tip.
  9. Heh, mate if you see a gobberwart anywhere, chances are good it's probably me. Unless that person is being an obnoxious wanker, in which case... definitely me LOL
  10. Welcome mate, I have only just recently got my learners and I'm your age never ridden before not even a dirt bike. Like others have said Saturday morning practice is worth getting down to. :biker:
  11. Lol

    If ur patient u should get a 650 for
    6 grand around 2005-6

    Will feel big but wont for long and it will cost
    You more upgrading....
    My wife tides one on L plate and she has ridden about
    7 times all up
  12. Welcome to NR. (y)

    If I may suggest, go for a 650. I was in the same boat last year and bought a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom (AKA XVS650) and am glad I did. You'll soon get sick of the 250's power and wished you had more grunt. And it's not that heavy. The more you ride, the better you can handle it.

    Or even the Honda Shadow 400. They're pretty good as well.

    And come down to the St Kilda Sat Prac sessions for a chit-chat before you buy a bike as it will give you a chance to look/feel a few bikes there.

    My 2C. Enjoy the forums!
  13. Anyone know of a way to borrow a 250 for a few weeks to get more confidence before I spend my hard earned cash? I really don't want to waste money on something I'll be bored with in a month, but I also don't want to buy something too big and bend it (or myself) due to inexperience.

    I'll try and get down to practice on Saturday.
  14. Could always buy my vtr.....
    Its well wihin your budget. Especially as you want good gear which isnt the cheap stuff
  15. Hi Gobberwart and welcome to NR.

    Unless you are a natural and an exceptional rider, you probably won't be bored with a 250 in a month. It will take a little longer than that.

    It does depend on what you want out of a bike. For some people a big cruiser will be more boring than a naked/sports 250.

    As Greydog said, get down to Sturday practice and have a look at some of the learner bikes there. Most people will be happy to let you throw a leg over the bike and see how it feels to sit on and will be happy to chat to you about the good, bad and ugly about their bikes. Although at the moment we seem to have a LAMS bikes outnumbered by non-LAMS. But even the people on the non-LAMS mostly started on a LAMS machine.