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G'day All...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by StephenR, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to pop in quickly and say 'hi'. From time to time google searches drop me off here, so after the last few I thought I should sign up and say g'day and thanks.

    A little about me, I grew up in country SA on a little sheep farm riding trials bikes up and around all the rocky hills. Emigrated to Melbourne in 2000, ten years there was more than enough for me, so I've headed slightly westward again, settling in Geelong at the moment.

    I ride a beautiful (in the eye of the beer-holder?) old Honda CX for commute and touring. She's undergoing a mild restoration at the moment, a bit of a slow, drawn-out one, whenever I've got the time to work on her... I'm sure we all know what that's like!
  2. Hi ya and welcome the cx,s are an okay bike the baby brother of the cb and the cbr,s would yours be a 500cc,cheers.
  3. Welcome to NR!
  4. Welcome to NR Stephen
  5. Welcome along, Steve.

    I did paint the mighty CX in a slightly dim light recently, by suggesting it was as sexy as a broken toe. That's possibly true, but they are also a 'good motorcycle', because they do the job they were designed and built to do, and they do it beautifully. The poor man's 'guzzi. They do also sound surprisingly soulful if you throw on a complete Staintune system.
  6. Hehe. Liked the way you said it. :)
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    I don't know about brother, cousin perhaps? Definitely in the same (Honda) family, but transverse 'V' shaft drives brothers with parallel chains? I don't think so :beer:
  8. The 'beer-holder'. That's good! :) (and true!)

    Plastic maggots seem to have risen in the esteem of people in recent years. I guess both LAMS, and the shift where all those bikes that were $1000 bombs five years ago are now $3000 classics.

    I've always liked them.
  9. Hi Stephen and welcome to NR
  10. old Pommy motorcycle joke
    knock, knock

    who's there?


    Welcome to Netrider.

    back then the Jap manufacturers were locked in a race to see how quickly they could build every possible variation of engine possible, brought about some interesting devices :)
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