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G'day all :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JulieRush, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. long time Adelaide-based lurker saying hi.

    I'm a bit of a late starter to riding as I'm 33 and doing my Ls course next week. I'm in the process of convincing my better half that there's nothing at all unreasonable about wanting to ride a motorbike, especially when I do my commute on a pushbike!

    I'm still in the process of deciding on what bike to go for as a first bike so I have heaps of questions that I'm off to use the search function on ;)

    Name's Darren - I use the same alias on pretty much all forums these days, started when playing counter strike and kinda stuck.

    looking forward to getting to know you lot as you seem a decent, helpful bunch.



  2. welcome - enjoy the ride
  3. HI Darren, have fun!
  4. Welcome to NR Julie, hope you pass the L next week and enjoy :moped:
  5. many thanks for the warm welcome guys :)

    have now commenced the great tyre-kicking bike-sitting expedition to see what suits
  6. welcome mate, if your names darren, why the julie? tranny? :)
  7. hehe, yeah it's Darren. "Julie Rush" is a username that's sort of stuck from playing Counter-Strike a few years ago; one of the weapons available for purchase is dual elite pistols (referred to as "dualies").

    The "dualie rush" was usually suggested as a tactic for the first round and it seemed like a good alias to use at the time.
  8. Hi Darren, welcome to Netrider, and the agonising decision-making process :LOL:
  9. TELL me about it hornet!!

    Have sat on some this arvo. Bikes I liked in pics I don't like up close, and vice versa. Bikes I like on paper aren't quite what will suit due to weight, CG/balance, physical size, pedal position, riding position etc etc...

    going to be a long careful process I reckon!

    EDIT - But fun and wortth it at the end!!
  10. Welcome to NR darren.
  11. Ok Darren welcome to NR again bro.

  12. nerd :) :)
  13. welcome darren, and good luck with your "L's"
  14. cheers guys, and yes Goz, you picked it :p
  15. so far my bikes have been easy to pick. first bike was the only reasonably one i looked at (and one of the first), upgrade was the first i looked at :)

    welcome julie ;)
  16. well I've done a lot of sitting on bikes, looking at bikes, etc etc and have narrowed it down to a (rather predictable) shortlist.

    I plan to sit on some again to confirm after I've actually done the Ls and have a couple of hours riding in. Most of the dealers I talked to so far are happy to let a me have a test ride, providing of course they have a demo (or it's a second hand bike) so that's good.

    I have part 1 of my Ls tomorrow morning and the second part on friday morning. looking forward to it :)