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G'day all - Rob from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rob1010, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hello All,

    Finally have my license and a bike, the whole process seems to have taken ages, but after 6 weeks from deciding to get my license I'm ready to start learning to ride.

    I purchased a CB400 based on all the positive reviews I read on here about them. It arrived on Tue, but I have not ridden it yet, only wheeled it up in the carport, started it and put the cover on it and tucked it into bed :)

    Can't wait for the weekend to start practicing. Will post some pics up then.

    I don't have a car, so have been riding my pushbike everywhere ... a bit tiresome some days, but has done wonders for my fitness though!

    Quick plug for the dealer. Chris Watson Motorcycles at Cessnock were fantastic, I got a great deal and the guys were so helpful with all my noob questions and Chris even delivered the bike himself :beer:

  2. Hey Welcome.

    New to riding as well but when we both have more exp we should meet up for a ride.

    Have fun learning.
  3. Welcome :)

    I wonder if Chris Watson is related to Graham (?) Watson, who used to be the Yamaha dealer in Singleton in the seventies?????
  4. welcome aboard. CB400 is a great first bike.

    I read that as wheelied at first :D
  5. Welcome Rob,

    i live in Newy myself.
  6. If yall want to ride ,Someone to give you a bit of extra confidence. Im pretty well up for a ride anytime ,Coming to grips with a new bike myself
  7. Welcome to NR. (y)
  8. Welcome to the forums, its always good to see another new novacastrian on the boards. Dare I say there is plenty of us on here now could almost start a regular ride event like other areas.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome.
    Look forward to catching up with some of the Newy crowd once I get a bit of practice under my belt :)
  10. Welcome mate. CB400 is a great bike :D It won't take you long until you're used to how it handles and you'll have your confidence up in no time.
  11. Hi there Newcastle riders....with some newbies in Newie getting new bikes and licences, how about learning together.
    Go for a nice local slow ride through all the streets in town practicing your roadcraft skills at intersections, ride the beaches, King Edward Park and Honeysuckle areas and do a few laps of the main drag mingling it with other cars, buses etc.
    The main purpose is to practice what you've been taught in the Bike courses whilst it's still fresh and by doing it as a group, it gives you a bit of confidence with others while riding in traffic situations and it gives you a chance to sit down for a coffee and talk about possible problems, mistakes...how you can do things much better...bounce it off each other...no room for egos...you're all learners....learn off each other.
    and the best bit...you've just met you're new regular Biker buddies\\:D/.

    Great thing about Newcastle is that it never really gets that busy to make it feel uncomfortable.....mind you whilst some Newcastle car driver's skills & attitudes leave a lot to be desired, I find it's easy to get around on a motorcycle here in Newie.

    For the most part...Have Fun learning....isn't that what Biking is all about!!


  12. Yet another fella for Brumby to ride with!
    Welcome Rob,