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G'Day all! New to two wheels..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jonesy_, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hi all. I'm Brian but please call me Jonesy..

    I'm new to the scene but not new to forums. I've always been into cars and never thought about motorbikes that much as I've always spent my hard earned cash on MTB's and tackiling some gnarly singletracks.

    What sparked my interest was a few mates I work with want for a ride out to Hillend NSW and posted to pics on FB. I thought how awesome would that be. I live in Bathurst and the blue mountains are close at hand for a good ride.

    So here I am getting keener by the day to get my Ls and find the right bike for me. As with anything I do I research it to death to make sure I'm happy with it and think I've narrowed it down to either a Kawasaki er6n or a Suzuki SFV 650.

    Long way to go yet as I won't sit for my learners till next year as I want to be in a financial position to get a bike as soon as I get my license (got a bit on) lol.. Second hand or new I'm not 100% yet.

    I'm looking forward to trawling through the forums and get to know some of you. Thanks all and ride safe.


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  2. Welcome!!!
  3. Hey Brian, I'll call you Jonesy .. :D

    Bikes are really addictive so be warned.

    If you're planning to wait, also do some research on bike gear (Helmet, Jackets, Boots etc.) and make sure to budget for it as well. Remember, different helmets suits different heads so make sure that you try on a few brands.

    A wealth of information is available here on NR so spend some time and go through that. Also, if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Welcome!

    I'm actually in the same boat as you. Still yet to get my Ls (which will happen early next year). I'll be out of the country for a few weeks over Xmas and the New Year, but I've booked my pre-learner course a few days after I get back!

    Like you, I was planning on it much later (planning on first home), but I have access to a bike, so this plan pushed forward by quite a bit; also, I couldn't wait any longer haha.
  5. Welcome Jonesy
  6. Thanks guys.. Yeah vroomvroom I know what you're saying.. Life gets in the way. I've just finished one and have to finish another before funds are freed for toys.

    Getting the Mrs onboard is the hard but she's coming around. Gotta stay alert and respect the throttle!
  7. Heya, Jonesy - patience is hard work, I say! I'm bikeless atm and starting over... just as anxious now as I was then. You're farther along than I am... still no idea what I want! A friend's selling one, and it's hard not to sell myself on it!

    Good luck to you!
  8. Thanks bud. My mate is selling his 2013 Gladius (SFV650 sounds better) haha but I think it will be gone before I'm ready. I've just been researching heeeeeeeeeeaps on LAMS rides and what will suit me and my size as to what will suit me and push my 105kg ass up hill lol...
  9. 500cc or above, in terms of seating ergonomics plug your measurements into Motorcycle Ergonomics
  10. Nice! A friend had a Gladius (or the one that came before it?) and loved it!

    My mate's is an older Ducati Monster. It's a beauty, but I don't want to kill myself - or worse, the bike...
  11. Haha been there mate as I saw this posted in an older er6nL thread when I searched earlier. Thinking the Kwaka might look a little small for me. Like a clown riding a mini bike lmao
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  12. welcome aboard Jonesy :)
  13. GlassHandGlassHand the monster is a nice looking bike and they sound mean!
  14. Welcome Jonesy the ninja300 or ninja 650L will do the trick. I know. Seriously.
  15. Thanks OldmaidOldmaid I like the look of the naked bikes and I feel I will appreciate their more upright seating position.
  16. Z300 then ;) handles a ummm larger person well plus luggage...I know.
  17. The Z300 looks mint! It was never on the radar but it is now OldmaidOldmaid I imagine with the minute fairings it has over the er6 the would be slightly better with buffering so to speak? 300 certainly isn't as daunting as a 650 sounds.
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  18. Howdy and welcome to NR Jonesy_Jonesy_ :)
  19. Welcome Jonesy_Jonesy_
    There's a few netriders local to the Bathurst area.
    Hopefully you can catch up and they can show you the best roads.