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G'day all New Rider checking it all out

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ButtNuggeT, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. G'day everyone. Just getting into bikes again after a 20year spell so I thought I'd reg up here so I might be able to get some good advice from people who know whats going on.

    I'm currently on my L's but doing my P's test tomorrow. How hard is that... I did a practice test ride on the course and I might be in some trouble..LOL

    Just hope my semi good looks and and almost great sense of humour help me out a bit.

    Also if there is anyone out there in the Campbelltown area that just loves riding on fine weekends, how about giving me a yell so I don't have to ride alone all the time.

    Anyway Catch ya all l8r


  2. Hi and welcome. Nice nicname...............i think :shock:
  3. Quite a few Netriders in that general area, and lots of rides being posted for NSW riders in the Events section

    Welcome, too.

    What did you last ride before the layoff??
  4. Welcome- and yeah interesting nickname
  5. Hi and welcome ,like hornet said keep a eye out for rides ,there'S normalY a few newer riders just cruising along at the back of the pack.
    Well i do anyway ,LMAO.
  6. Oh and the p'S test you get heaps and heaps and heaps of practic on the day.

    ONLY way you can really fail if you can ride ok ,is if you don't head check left and right before each section on the test.
    They show you every thing any way ,JUST HEAD CHECK.

    good luck.
  7. Next Weds night Netriders are meeting at the Homebush Bay Brewery Nugget.

    All welcome, come along mate.
  8. I got 2 words for ya, re "P's" test..... HEAD CHECK.....

    Oh, and welcome... ^_^

    I'm in the Sydney Area, well, Penrith actually, but don't hold that against me.... ;-)

    Always up for a cruise.
  9. One regular attendee at HBB is Jay. He is from Campbelltown also.

    Jay are you on the air?

    NuggetButt needs a company for rides.

    Welcome .... ButtNugget :beer: