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G'day all, new kid on the block (have mercy)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fitryder, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Let me do a little intro.

    Age: 19
    Location: Sydney (Sutherland shire)
    Bike: (well almost, explained further down) Honda CBR250 RR

    A number of months ago a mate of mine gave me a go on his 250, enough said really... never being a big car fan i got hooked with bikes. I had always taken an interest in them but the feeling of riding was over powering!

    So I'm pretty new to biking and after months of searching for the right bike and getting to know what riding is all about (to the best of my ability) i bought my first bike last week but i don't get my license till end of march (course is on the 24-25) so a friend is keeping it for now.

    Iv been reading like mad (both books and forums) to gain as much knowledge as i can before i start what will hopefully be a long term biking career.

    In my search for information i came across this site and was so impressed that it only took me 10min to go and buy a membership. The knowledge here is mind blowing, moreover the community here seems awesome!

    I cant wait to get to know you guys and hopefully come along to some group rides.

    Thanks for everyones input and I'm looking forward to becoming part of the motorcycling community!



    PS: also thank you for reading my looooong post.
  2. Welcome Jake :)
    The CBR's a fun little bike, that's for sure :wink:
    Let us know how you go with your Ls and I'm sure a few of the guys around your area would be wrapped to have you join in on their coffees and rides.
  3. G'day Jake,
    Welcome along. You are right this is a fantastic resource for noobs. There's heaps of good advice and some weird advice good luck picking through :wink:
  4. Great first post, welcome to the world of motorcycling and the forums. Good luck with your Ls! :)
  5. Good luck riding in 'The Shire', Jake!!! Hope to see you around one day; Wollongong's not that far away and there's a couple of nice ways of getting here.

    For the addictiveness of Netrider, see the thread "Netrider Religion"; says it all :roll: :LOL:.
  6. Yes bless Netrider! G'day enjoy the nuthouse that is Netrider :tantrum:
  7. Welcome to the NR experience fitryder, haappy riding :grin:
  8. welcome, good luck with the Ls.....and i'm sure some people here will be nice and have mercy......

  9. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the warm welcome, i survived.

    Ill post up how my L's went when the day comes, for now its trawling through the tones of info on this site and waiting for my membership card! hahaha im excited!

    Thanks again

  10. Welcome Jake, enjoy the learning and the riding.
  11. [​IMG]

    Hi and welcome. :grin:
  12. A warm welcome to the Netrider fraternity Fitryder :grin:
  13. Hey Jake

    I'm a newbie here too.
    I'm doing my Pre Learners this weekend. Maybe when you get your L's we could go for a ride. I live round your way.
  14. Welcome Jake.

    Glad to see you found your way here. :)

  15. hey jake you will enjoy your 250rr and good luck with the licence :grin:
  16. Hi Jake :grin:

    Welcome and good luck with your course :cool: