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G'day all from Brisvegas!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by FerryFirmans, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. G'day!

    Just got my RE two weeks ago and bought a Kawasaki Eliminator VN250 from a private seller. Everyone meet Kai, my new best mate (on my avatar). Will post once I learned how to insert pic :p in the forum.

    Having no mechanical brain whatsoever, I did the pre-purchase checks on the bike through TeamMoto. Thankfully everything cleared. just need some work in removing bits of rust from the chrome, mainly on the mirrors and a little on the handlebars. A couple of websites suggest from using aluminium foil, steel wool and wax. Any tips for shine job on the chrome?

    Also still need jackets, boots and gloves. Any suggestion for cruiser style jackets and boots? I am thinking lower cut boots feels more suitable for the little cruiser. For jacket I wanted to get leather but bit costly and not waterproof. Any pros and cons on leather vs textile or kevlar jackets?

    Look forward to 'cruising' in the Queensland summer!:):):):):)


  2. Hello and welcome. There are many threads answering most if not all your questions. Use the search function, it';s fun and illuminating. If you get stuck ask the question by all means, plenty of helpful folk here :)
  3. Hi there FerryFirmans I am new to the forum to so welcome aboard
  4. Hi FF. I ride an Eliminator and have found it a lot of fun to ride. Just be careful of serious leaning. I found the limits on my bike on very tight windy mountain passes. Left hand corners are OK but if you push really hard on right handers the foot peg will hit first and if you lean much further the 2 into 1 exhaust will scrape. (mind you the corners are posted at 20kph and we might exceed that just a little. Haha)
    Good fun bike if it's been derestricted (they were imported models and had the carbies modified to keep the horsepower down), wait till you are of license restrictions though and they sound good if you debaffle the muffler.
    Check out RESURGENCE jeans on their web site. Look good and are ten times stronger than Kevlar lined jeans. Kevlar lasts 3 secs and Resurgence more than 20. Their video demo. shows them dragging a guy on his ass at 100kph holding onto a ski rope - that's dedication and proof good enough for me.
    Jeans, leather jacket, good helmet and quality gloves are a must have. You don't want to lose too much skin if it all goes pear shape. Ventilated summer gloves for QLD
  5. Welcome.....
  6. Hey Ferry

    I can confirm that aluminium foil is great for removing rust on chrome - it doesn't leave any scratches at all and will pull out all but the most stubborn rust. I used it on my eliminator and it cleaned up great, use it with a bit of water and a lint free cloth. Rust will come back eventually though, still haven't got a good sealant sorted. Don't go anywhere near the chrome/paint with steel wool!!

    In summer a leather jacket will melt you in QLD - I'm in Brissie. Check out the perforated jackets with armour. Leather is great protection wise, but wait till you are sitting at lights in Jan/Feb.....
  7. Welcome aboard :] great bike