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Gday all, from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Keater, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Just a quick dribble to say gday :beer:. I'll be in hiding just reading up on more info to better set myself and mates up for longer trips and hope to meet likeminded people. I ride a 1050 tiger almost daily and have done some small trips, but heading down to Phillip Island for the GP with a good friend in October. be the longest trip i've ever done and looking forward to it!!!! Cheers Mick

  2. Hi and welcome.
    A Tiger! I don't think it's quite the bike for me but quite a fine steed nonetheless.

    So you like a few long distance trips hey?
  3. yeh mate i still like my lil darts locally (take panniers etc off and run amok) but getting more keen on seeing some more country side that i havent seen yet. Ive done a few trip up and around bundy on the bike etc but never done alot of camping and "full pack" rides. On my old KLE we did camp out with but still just an overnighter. Ive been heavily in the 4wding circles so camping mainly with it. time to unload abit and get back to basics i guess...................
  4. Hi Keater
    Motorcycling is more akin to backpacking than 4Bs LOL ... have fun stocking up on light weight gear :)
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    Welcome mate. Good to have you here!

    You should test ride one if you get the chance.
    They dont look it, but are a suprisingly quick bike through a set of corners.
    I was of the same opinion as you until I tried one.
  6. Cheers guys for the response. I actually have alot of light camping gear (prob a bit outdated to now) as i have done abit of mountain climbing/ hiking in the past. I have been going through the forum so far and found good info so i will just keep lurching in the background. As for the tiger shes had a few farkles added to put more of a smile on my face and they are very much an overlooked bike. horses for courses blah blah blah :happy: