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G'day all from a newbe

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by samks, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    new to this site, well allmost. i have sighned up a few times and pass word/user id only lastes 1 or 2 posts :? . any how this time seems to be working.

    I am now a queenslander in briz-vagus. from sydney origonaly but have been living in the UK for the last 10 years or so. I'm into most kinds of bikes but have a real inkling to the choppers at the moment. the 70-80 style.

    i've got a triumph daytona 955i at the moment. i've had a real sting of bikes. RD's, VT's, about 3 GSXR's, FZR, 750/4 and the list go on......
  2. Welcome samks :cool:
  3. Yeah, get in to it!
  4. welcome to the forums. look forward to seeing you around some of the brissie rides. have you been to the coffee club at milton on a friday night yet?

    there's a few things coming up this weekend including a ride and go-karting. check out the 'other states' ride section for more details.....

  5. no havent been to miltong coffee club yet. the bike is not on the road yet, ready for rego just awaiting $$$$. i'm living over sandgate way but i think milton is by the city? only been back in oz for 4 months and only been to briz-vagus for luch before that so have no idea about where to ride or whats going down. used to hang at the drags in sydney and do some scratching up the old road.
  6. yep milton is near the city. there's a few of us living not too far from sandgate.

    and you can still go to milton without your bike if you wanted to - i used to cage it til i got my nerve up...i've only been riding since october last year.

    btw - you might want to update your profile to include your location - some people around here like that....it helps them answer questions sometimes.

    have fun and look forward to seeing you on the road somewhere.

  7. G'day Samks,

    I went to my first Milton night last Friday, great bunch of people, just show up in your cage and say hello!

    Took me a couple of weeks to get the nerve to show up, but everyone is really welcoming and friendly.
  8. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  9. Welcome mate :)

    I met a bloke (had a quick yarn waiting for a service) with a Daytona Monday morning getting a new front tyre at Team Moto Bowen Hills, nice looking bike :)
  10. thanks mate but not mine. it's getting a satan black paint job today, one of those top shelf sattle can jobbies. so it'll be all ready for the road worthy tomorow. i prefer my bike to be only one colour, not road rach and bits of paint like it was this morning.