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Gday all, another newby here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by if132, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Just thought id introduce myself first before i go on, My name is Ian imm from sydney northern beaches and ride a 2008 R1, Luv riding in my free time with weather permitting offcourse. Ive got a small group of us from the northern beaches that go out for a ride when we can and offcouse when their girlfriend will allow, sometimes fri night after work, or on the weekends and would luv to meetup with others from the northern beaches thats on here give me a hoy or txt to let us know when your riding and ill try and bring my very unprictable crew out.....

    0430049457 Cheers
  2. welcome to NR.. plenty of Sydney riders out, look up some rides :)
  3. G'day Ian, I'm at Mona Vale
  4. weather permitting? friday night or weekends?? R1?!?

    anywho....Welcome to NR man...i'm sure you'll find some keen people here...there isn't enough rides organised for the nsw chapter of NR
  5. I had to laugh at the 'when their girlfriend allows' part. How on earth did they get bikes in the first place if they're that under the thumb?! =D
  6. hey blaise shoot me your number to (mod number removed) your welcome to join us on sunday for a ride to old pac, were meeting at 7/11 dee why i think 8am.....

    Hey gord it's like the new commercial on tv....."I will buy a bike 1 day....a real bike" and then the fight started......hahahhahahahaha
  7. Hello, I've had to fix a few of your posts, please read the stickies and post to the appropriate forums eg I moved this from general discussion to the welcome forums. It makes it easier for all of us.
    Also use the search for stuff before asking questions as they most likely have been answered for you.