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Gazillions of jobs in the mines available - a fallacy?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Everybody!

    I've heard from everybody that there is lots of money to be made in the mines, body truck driving or something similar to that. But everytime I follow up a lead, or start questioning someone who says they know of mines that are desperate for unskilled staff, I hit a brick wall.

    All the seek.com and mycareer.com searches end up with a myriad of opportunities for graduates, but nothing else. Another mob want $210 to get you listed on a database. Scam scam scam.

    So i was wondering if anybody had any first hand information about the mines? A good recruitment company or what the next step is? First things first, i imagine, is to get my HR licence, which is where my tax return is going.

    But i'll be buggered if I do that and all this work that's available is one big fallacy... which is what it looks like at the moment.
  2. Hi Quarterwit
    This is probably not terribly relevant given that it is in Perth but I'll mention it anyway, The West Australian newspaper has a section in its employment classifieds called Mine4jobs which lists quite a few mine jobs (mostly in WA but not always), the paper is also online www.thewest.com.au but I can't vouch for how good the online employment section is. Hope that's of some help to someone anyway.
  3. Hi QuarterWit - what search terms are you using with Seek?

    And what type of work are you looking at applying for? Plant operator?

    Most of the plant operator jobs require (along with an HR licence) experience of some sort. I'd suggest you speak to someone in the industry or give the agency a call...not sure if they or whoever run a training program for potential workers...might be worth investigating anyway. :) If that fails, then get your licence and get your experience and then go. :)
  4. Yes and no. There are jobs out there which require no experience or tickets, although generic inductions and medicals will show you're keen. The problem is there are shitloads of people applying for those jobs. If you are an experienced heavy machinery operator it gets a lot easier. There is also, in a lot of places, a case of who you know. A couple of years ago, when I didn't know anyone, I barely got a reply. Now I know some people, it would be simple to get an entry level position. I like playing with trains and seeing my family though.
    Not sure what your circumstances are, but they are always after staff in support services. Was earning about 50k a few years ago as a site cleaner. 9 on 5 off, room and plenty(too much) food. If I was younger and with no commitments, would definately do it again.
  5. I'm good mates with the MD of Oneforce Recruitment. They recruit for Boart Longyear. Look them up and send your resume in. You'll easily get a job!
  6. Strom girl, thanks for the reply! I figured if there were any jobs going, there'd be a some notice on the ground over there. Thanks for the link, I'll follow it up!

    I Adore Vic - I was using, "Mine" "Body Truck" "DIDO" and "FIFO". You've confirmed what I already suspected, it's who you know. I'm half tempted to take some time off work, fly over there and drink in the local haunts to see who i meet. I'd love to just move over there and hunt that way, but the rental market looks pretty competitive.

    Noticibly F.A.T. - I'll send you a PM tomorrow. Keep the suggestions coming people!
  7. The availability of jobs certainly isn't fantasy - problem most mines have however is the high turnover of staff due to those only looking to do the job for a year or so for some quick easy cash.
    This is why they tend to look for some sort of qualification, experience or referral, it provides something of a guarantee that you're committed to the industry at least (if not that particular company).
    Most large operations now sub-contract the actual mining so you may want to look at the large mining contractor companies like Barminco, Theiss, Roche etc. rather than the companies that actually own the mines.
    Perth isn't the only option for FIFO either - quite a few operations now flying from Townsville, Darwin and Cairns. Don't forget Tasmania either, there's been a lot of recent growth along the West Coast much of which is based on a drive (or ride ;)) in, drive out to Burnie (or Hobart if you're not from Tas and don't consider that a long way).
    Another alternative to driving trucks is of course working in the mineral processing plant - which isn't a bad job if you like working hands-on with mechanical things, and can understand pipes. Pay rate is comparable with driving a truck, but it offers a little more variety than just driving up and down the same haul road everyday.
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  9. If you're willing to go back to Uni there's no shortage of scholarships available, and high paying work for the 3-month break each year.
    *cough* *cough* Ballarat Uni Open Day *cough* August 31 *cough* degrees in Mining Engineering, Geology and Metallurgy available *cough*.

    And Micky those overalls are way too clean for you to have been doing any actual work at that mine :p :LOL:.
  10. It was 929m underground, well thats at the crusher station - so this I think was at 900 or so meters where the 3km conveyor system takes the ore up to the surface.

    Clean overalls ??? . . yeah, all hard work on the surface ! :grin:
  11. Yeah that's what I always tell people, good luck trying to ever convince Mining Engineers of that though :LOL:.

    So which mine is that anyway? I'm guessing Ridgeway if it's running an underground primary crusher.
  12. QuarterWit - Are you prepared to pay $2000 per week for a rough humpy in a stinking hot environment?
    Are you prepared to pay $7 for a loaf of bread, $24 for a pizza $9.00 for a takeaway hamburger?

    Its all relative mate. Great pay. Huge costs.
  13. Wowza, that bad, is it?

    Haven't heard of rent being that much before...
  14. $1800 a week in Karratha in May
  15. Depends on where you work, and who you're working for. Short-term contractors in areas where housing/supplies are limited are faced with high costs - especially if it's a residential operation (eg Mt Isa and whatever the town is in North QLD that's run out of accommodation).
    With FIFO operations working for a large company however all your expenses (other than booze) are usually covered by the company, in addition to the substantial wage. The downside being you're usually paying rent on a place somewhere else which you're not using (unless you share with someone on an alternate shift).
  16. ;)
  17. My brother-in-law works at Prominent Hill.

    Two weeks on, one week off. Fly in, live in miners' quarters.

    Heavy Vehicle license.

    12 hour shifts, Nights.

    "Any complaints about conditions, pack your bag and be on the plane in the morning."
  18. Up until around 18 months ago a tiny wooden flea infested and run-down hovel (you wouldn't let your mother in law sleep in) in Mt Isa would have set you back $350/week.

    Now they are going for around $450-$500 a week. :shock:

    It went a bit silly when Xtrata sunk a veritable s#!tload of cash into the Isa mine to get it moving again.

    Other Western QLD operators as well: Incitec Pivot (Phosphate Hill/The Monument - FIFO from Townsville and Mt Isa), BHP Cannington (they hire out of Townsville, but FIFO from Mt Isa, Townsville, Charters Towers, Richmond, Julia Creek etc), Century Mine (FIFO of Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa and a few other towns around the Gulf), Ernest Henry - Cloncurry *FIFO from Townsville and indirectly Brisneyland), Osbourne Mine (pretty well just Townsville).

    That is just Western Qld. Then there are other places such as Argyle Diamonds in the Kimberley etc.

    Many of these places would rather hire locals but obviously not everyone wants or needs to work in the local mine. Beware as mentioned the cost of living in some of the towns might take some serious adjusting to. Having lived in Central and Northern Australia as well as North Western Qld over the past 6-7 years I was very pleasantly surprised how much further my $$$ go each week here "down south".

    Glad my work took me back down south now.... :LOL:

    Hope that helps.
  19. Yes but you can buy a nice house for around 600-700k - which is no worse than many parts of Sydney/Melbourne (and not that bad when you're being paid well in excess of 100k a year).
    The high rental costs are due to a shortage of availability and will hurt those just looking to work for 12 months or so. Those planning to stay can do quite nicely however - you just don't want to be living there the day the mine shuts ;).
  20. You can earn that much working at Alcoa point Henry or Portland without the need to live in a dunny in the middle of the Sahara.
    There are plenty of options around in fact often a lot better than the grass on the other side of the fence.