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Gay Bike Club.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by rumpul124, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Hi Gays and Girls

    We meet on the second Wednesday of each month for dinner and a drink. It is at these informal meetings that all the business of the club is done. You are welcome to turn up to these meetings if you wish to find out more about the club.
    Meetings are held at the Corkman Irish Pub (ex-Carlton Inn) - cnr Pelham & Leicester Streets, Carlton from 7-30pm.
    Note: This is the same pub that we have been meeting at for several years. It has just undergone a change of ownership and identity!!

    Upcoming meeting dates are listed on our site.


    Cheers big ears :D
  2. :facepalm: Let's see the response to this :LOL:
  3. i suppose they would ask the dealer mechanic to "soften the arse".
  4. 8) Hope you get a good response rumpul124

  5. Hi Matt232 and anybody else from Netrider who would like to support our gay Motorcycle Tourers Club.

    Well we are just looking for gay guys and gals and those who aspire to the gay way of life. You don't have to be gay to join - just like bikes and gays is all we ask :D
  6. hey each to there own , the common theme is bikes and thats all that matters .
    Anyway , welcome to netrider .

    dont forget to look at the rides and events section for the sticky post at the top saying about friday night coffee

  7. :LOL: Lol at Groberts and his "sticky post"...ooops :oops:
  8. G'day rumpul124, and welcome to the madhouse. :)

    There's also Monday night coffee, both west & eastern 'burbs.
  9. Good luck with it David
  10. welcome to the site,the key factor is everyone who is in this forum shares the one same interest and that is BIKES!!!!

    other that everyone is free to make there own decision.
  11. Does rumpul's sig mean anything?

    :? :? :?
  12. Unfortunatly the gay friends i do have don't ride (a bike) and no its not groberts , although i do wonder sometimes :wink: :wink:
  13. shit ! I wasnt sure , so i aired on the side of caution , if i had of know it was bobby we could have pulled out the one liners .
  14. Gay Bikes eh, you mean like the suzuki Across?
  15. Interesting to note that you have been a member for over 2 months and this is all you could come up with for your 1st post. :roll:

  16. Funnily enough, rumpul's sig has disappeared.....

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  17. oh comon, it was just abit of tongue in cheek-

    Also, i've mainly been an observer; thought id start contributing-- on that note, thanks for the welcome :p
  18. Nothing wrong with having a good grip on the handlebars... :)

    Rumpul, welcome hope you get plenty of interest for the club...