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gawd damn it i'm officialy old now. Finaly Updated with pics

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I got a msg from my eldest daughter this morning at 2.45am saying 'Shanes just getting the car out to take me to Franga Hosp, my contractions are 3mins apart'

    Then at 6.55 I get the drowsy but happy mum phone call, 'hey dad YOUR 44 and a granddad again hahahaha'

    Dakoda Lilly welcome to the world, I'll have you twisting your wrist and making 'broom broom' noises just like your sister did before she could walk too :twisted:

    pic's to follow :)
  2. Congrats Bob. You can't make one of them, from a piece of Fencing Wire.
  3. congrats Bob

    I'm a dad of a 3 year old at 44 so I can't fathom being a granddad at this age. :shock:
  4. Indeed, congrats!!! :)
  5. Onya Bob y'ole fart.
  6. Re: gawd damn it i'm officialy old now. lol

    Don't 'frangas' normally prevent this kind of thing happening in the first pla... I mean, congratulations!
  7. Congrats Bob !!!!!
    if it's any consulation, I was a Granddad @ 42.
    It's Great having Grandkids ... cause when you've had enough of them, you simply hand them back :LOL:
  8. Congrats, Grandad :grin: Where are those pics??????

    (BTW, I didn't realise who you were on FB until your status gave you away, lol :p )
  9. Congrats old man! :grin:
  10. oh, great news bob, or should i say grandaddy :LOL: :)
  11. Good onya granddad!

    Congrats on your grandkids. :grin:
  12. [​IMG]

    As a newly grandmother myself of a 4month old all i can say is ..

    Its friggin great to hand them back to their parents, :grin:
  13. Best wishes, Bob. I'm 19 months into grandfatherhood.

    As for Smee not comprehending granddaddyness at his age, I can't comprehend having a 3 year old at his age, let alone at my current youthfulness..

    While having kids alters one priorities, having grandchildren does it all over again, this time in a different direction. Particularly when one's daughter was never expected to "grow up" to have her own kids...
  14. Mum and Dakoda .... 8 weeks goes so fast !

    With Dad

    Pa can you watch the kids for us :)

    Nana Nuga getting in early with grooming tips

    And of course big sister Caity ( she starts kinda tommorow ! )
  15. Grats man.
    I made my parents grandparents about 3 months ago. I am sure they felt the same as you.
  16. Grats old man! :woot:
  17. Re: gawd damn it i'm officialy old now. lol

    lol i thought the same thing

    but good on ya champ, keep em breeding :cool: