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Gave wife helmet for xmas - she got stuck in it and cried...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Yes sounds funny now, but not at the time.

    I've been talking to my wife for ages about coming riding with me and she finally agreed so we went down to a bike shop in Sydney so she could get helmet and jacket. Well of al the helmets the one that was most comfortable was an RJays Samurai so we asked for a new on in the box and she also got a sweet Shift Jacket.

    So I wrap them up and on Christmas day she opens them up again and tries on the helmet. All good and well, but then she tries to take it off and the thing won't come off.

    She tried for a bit and then started to panic and starting screaming "Get it off me get it off me!!!" like someone getting attacked by a dog. I say calm down I'll just undo the strap.

    But the strap can't be undone because due to the design of the helmet, the buckle does not hang down below the base of the helmet. The buckle is under the helmet with the side of her face pressing against it.

    So I try and get my hands in there and she is freaking out and eventually she grabs the strap from under her chin and wrenches the thing over her face and the strap slides up hard against her face leaving read marks. She passes me the helmet then starts crying and says she hates it. I calm her down and then try to show her how it works.

    I say, "look babe, I'll show you", so I undo the strap a bit, put the helmet on my head then tighten the strap. And after wearing and owning nearly 15 helmets, for the first time the thing is f*cking stuck AGAIN, this time on my head, and I'd done it up tight to show her it was OK.

    It can't be undone once again because the buckle with the strap going through it is under the helmet up near my ear and I cant get my fingers to it because the pressure of the helmet is holding the little buckle closed where the strap loops through it. And it won't pull down any further and soon I'm thinking of asking her for the scissors. Eventually after 2 mins of fiddling with it I manage to loosen it a small amount, enough to get it of my egg.

    So I can't take it back cause sales are final on helmets, but there is no way in hell my wife is going to put it on again. I've got half a mind of going back to the shop, telling them to put it on and then see if they can get it off, which they won't be able to. Does anyone else have one of these helmets, and is there some special trick to it?

    Does the buckle/strap loosen up over time?

    Anyway, merry bloody christmas.
  2. If its a bigger shop, I'm sure they'll take it back if you can demonstrate the problem with it and buy another helmet. Otherwise call up rjays and complain.
  3. Bad luck for you but bloody funny for us mate. :LOL:
    Regardless of the shop size take it back.
    Its faulty by the sounds of it.

    EDIT: I have a very "elcheapo RTX" for emergency use only and it has a very short D ring strap similar to what you describe.
  4. The Trade Practices Act says that they must take it back if it fails to do what it is supposed to so.

    Being able to take the thing off is mandatory for a helmet so they must provide either a refund or exchange.
  5. Sorry mate, but I kind of lold reading that *hides* :LOL:
  6. I got an Rjays helmet and it loops under my chin, and dont have the probs you talk about, mine is the Rjays Lazer

    just sell it on ebay as brand new unwanted xmas gift for my wife who doesnt want to ride etc

    you might get up to 80% of your investment back, if you got it for an ok price
  7. yeah, I think eBay is a better bet that trying to scramble with the re-seller.

    that said, I think you should contact Customer Service at R-Jays and tell them this story....
  8. Funny how you put it on to 'show her how its done' then it gets stuck on your head!

    But yeah, as said, it doesnt do what its meant to, take it back. You've paid the money for the product, why give someone else a discount on ebay, or use it as an oversized paperweight. They might show you a trick to it.
  9. I don't understand.

    How are you able to fasten it with the buckle near your ear to begin with?

    You sure the straps haven't simply just shifted and you are able to adjust the strap?
  10. +1

    Also, if she tried on the same model helmet in the shop without this problem, then you need to think about what has changed with this one.
  11. Sorry but all I could think about while reading that was how annoying your wife sounds.

    But yeah I agree with the other posters. How did you work it in the store? How did you fasten it if the clip is all the way up the side of the helmet ?
  12. :LOL: Mean! Some people are claustrophobic.
  13. If this is going to turn into a deal-breaker, and she gets put off going riding with you, then consider a flip-front helmet. They allow you to put the helmet on without feeling shut inside the thing, and she can raise the chin bar any time she starts to feel claustrophobic.

    It's a real issue; my wife took ages to get used to a full-face helmet but now happily uses a Nolan N100.

    Zeus flip-fronts can be found for around $275, if budget is king, Nolans from $400 or so. Shoeis and BMWs much more.
  14. Moral of the story:

    When someone gives you some head for Christmas, don't cry about it. :p

    On a more serious note, the helmet is dangerous. How are the hospital staff able to remove it safely if you happen to be in an accident with suspected neck injuries?
  15. she's claustrophobic. You cannot thread the strap through the buckle when the helmets on. You have to thread the first part through the buckle with the helmet off, then slide on your head and pull the strap tight which is running through the buckle inside the helmet and beyond reach.
  16. You would be annoyed too if you had a helmet on your head on Xmas day that wouldn't come off.
  17. That sounds like a really bizarre system for fastening a helmet ..... take it back and get something else.
  18. I'm sure if you contact RJays they will help you out. Afterall, what's it really gunna cost them? Probably a hundred bucks.

    If they help you out they will save face and people who are in the market for helmets will know that RJays are a company that cares about its customers.

    What's it gunna cost them if they don't? They lose you and your wife as customers plus many/most of the people who read this thread. So far this topic has had over 420 views - that's quite a few potential customers.

    Please let us know the end result.
  19. Was it one of those helmets with the "seatbelt" type buckles? In which case you simply had the strap done up too tight. Loosen it off and try again. :)

    Those buckles are ****s of things and you should never buy them. In the literally hundreds of helmets I've owned, that was a feature on only one. After that, I swore off the fcukin things. Much better off using the rings. Ringsd are eaier to get on and off (with a bit of practice) and they can be adjusted while riding with gloves on whereas the buckle type stay as tight as they were set until you can stop to play with them. Take it back claiming faulty workmanship (faulty buckle) and ask about their Shoei range. The sales staff may well accomodate you. :)