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Gaunlet vs 3/4 Style Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Azzab, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys in the market for some new gloves. Had Alpinestars Octane S Moto gloves. Loved the fact they slipped under my jacket and still had wrist protection.

    Anyways they're broken now and need new ones. I like the idea of another 3/4 glove with more protection this time - maybe the GPX or S-1 gloves.

    BUT apart of me thinks I should go gauntlet, not sure why. Do they really offer that much more protection over a good quality 3/4 glove?

    Thoughts really appreciated
  2. Have a look at the pics of my gauntlet gloves in my so I crashed thread and see what the road did to the gauntlet area. Then imagine what ny wrists would look like if I didn't have them
  3. Thanks Takamii, do you think the arm of the jacket would not have provided enough protection? Do you mind me asking how fast you were going?

    I think I got spat off between 60-80klm/hr after hitting a metal side rail. Kinda flew/rolled/skidded down the road. Got a tear in my kevlar jeans, palm of my gloves, scratch on the knuckles, short riding boots scratched, jacket a few scratches and helmet a couple of big cracks.

    After that Im keen to upgrade to leather pants, full riding boots and as I say maybe some better gloves. Are you upgrading your gear?
  4. Had Alpinestars Octane S Moto gloves too.. loved them.

    Now have gpx..
  5. Thanks Whitie. How do you find the GPX, was tossing up between them and the S-1 for shorties or the SP-1 for gauntlets :)

  6. the gauntlets generally have sliders on them.
    therefore they prevent the sleeve of the jacket from riding up.
    and/or prevent road debris from going into your sleeve.
  7. GPX need a little tab to pull the glove on with, at the bottom of the palm.. My thumb was sore for a bit, until the stretch panel broke in. (maybe im just soft) But now there great!
  8. No I am not upgrading my gear - just replacing with the same as I have 100% faith in it before the accident as well as after the accident
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  11. I remember that Mulholland highway clip where that woman fell off, and the friction caused the leather jacket arm to be pulled up even past the gauntlet

    I have scuff marks all around the cuff of the jacket arm from when I came off.

    Thats why I like the overlap between jacket and glove. I also recommend a glove that is reinforced on the palm and little finger.
  12. Hey gsxxr you dont have a youtube reference or something I can use to check that out do you? When I came off it only tore a small peice on the left palm so I was going to keep the gloves for riding to the gym or to the shops, then get more protective ones for spirited riding.

    Takamii suggested RS TAI CHI gloves and I found these crackers, have more support than the A*s at the same price point, with the palm sliders.



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    There was a better slow motion vid where you could see it better, but even in this vid you can see how much of the arm was exposed.

    I still have my A* SP1 from my crash. The palm reinforcement took a beating but its still good enough for another crash, or until I buy some new gloves.

    Yep those ones you posted have the finger reinforcement Im talking about. The pinky finger is so fragile.
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    good 4 to 6 inches of forearm was exposed
  15. Yeah your right, heaps of arm exposed. But if you pause at 0:45 it looks as though she has gauntlets on (but they may have been tucker under her jacket)???
  16. The RS Tai Chi ones that Alex has ( www.motorcycleracegear.com.au) are currently on special in conjunction with the helmet specials we are offering for netriders - so if interested get in touch with him.