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gauging interest in a paintball weekend!!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Guest, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just posting this to gauge the response to arranging a paintball weekend to Moama.
    If i get enough numbers, we can arrange acomadation in Moama.
    Probably leave Friday evning, Paintball Saterday,
    Pub saterday night to talk about the war wounds
    Then slow (probably painfull ride) home al;ong the senic route
    all suggestions will be apriciated
    aussie :D

  2. Sounds good....that link of scooters looks really good. Its hard to find a semi-professional paintball place. Most of them are run by a group of inbreds with 4 teeth between them.
  3. If the MRAA board is attending then you can count me in :LOL: :p
  4. Vic, glad you will make it, i will personally see that some, if not all the board attend. :D

    Hows that for trying, and i thank you for attending :wink:
  5. Where the hell is Moama???

    I'm interested but not sure if I can make it, it all depends on when.
  6. at this stage, i am oinly gauging an interest, but Moama is up near the boarder with NSW, about a 2.5 to 3 hr ride, depending on the way you do it.

    When enough people decide to attend, i think the run will be early april, probably the 2nd or 3rd weekend.
    A deposit will need to be taken from people to ensure that they will attend, and accomadation will be provided of course, but i think a lot of people will want to camp out, thats fine, but i thinks a hotel bed will be better, as i am thinking a lot of paint balls will be fired at certain people me thinks :p :p
    Should be a great weekend away.
  7. I'm in if MartyH is!
  8. Don't you have to have a firearms licence in order to participate in Paintball?
  9. as far as i was aware, this only applies to Victoira, and as the paint ball park is registered in NSW, and Moama being on the boarder, this will not apply to us.

    i think :? :? :?
    Further investigations will take place this week.

    Will keep everyone posted, as a few has shown interest in this
  10. No worries stackhat, a few people would love you to join us :D .
  11. You got it in one Aussie. You dont need a license to play paintball in NSW (Moama)

  12. Correct. You need a firearms permit to play skirmish in Victoria, but not NSW, thats where the company is registered and it falls under NSW juristiction.

    Shame really, I have a licence to shoot people in Victoria, dont need to travel the 4 hours to do it in NSW :p
  13. If it's a kid free weekend we'd b interested.
  14. If you havent foud Moama yet its just north of Echuca.

    Its about 70K's north of me.

    I'm in Aussie, and if its not to far for the riders/drivers i can supply a peice of dirt for anyone who wants to camp over for the night, a camp fire and music is always on hand to weekend visitors.
  15. Thnaks for the offer, most appriciated. Once i get ome more info, i will start to arrange things, and i will hold you to your peice of dirt so to speak :shock:
  16. Sounds like fun! I'll be in it.
  17. Sounds like fun!!! Im there (pending on dates).
  18. count me in


    thats where we played last time, worked out really well because there was our group and 2 other goups. by the end of the day we were 2 huge teams :twisted:
  19. Sounds like fun. A mate would like to come with me as well but we would have to cage it.

    :D :D