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Gassit M/C Dealership - anyone dealt with them?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rastus, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I did a forum search and came up with one (negative) thread about Gassit M/C Dealership in Fairfield Melbourne.

    I was wondering if anyone had any other experience with them? Did anyone have a good experience with them? Does anyone know them?

    Main reason i ask is they have a few bikes for sale for decent prices that I though I'd drop by and have a look at. Now im not bike-tech savvy, about the only thing I'd probably notice is wrong is cosmetic damage.

    I wouldnt be buying just yet either, going for L's next week, but I just thought I'd throw this out there and see what kind of a response I get.

    Even if people had issues with the bike they bought but the issues were easily resolved with the dealership, that would probably be a plus.

    Any opinions/thoughts?
  2. I havent had any issues with them, but just you wait, there will be a few on here who think otherwise.

    The responds will come. Search again you will find.....
  3. The safe bet in my opinion is to treat buying from a shop like buying privately only with more convenience. If they step up when things go bad then that's a bonus, but don't expect it from them (regardless of what you think, or the puny rules / laws say, they should do). I'd much prefer to buy from the previous owner, in the hope that I might get a sense of how he's looked after the thing when deciding between bikes.
  4. I bought my first bike from Gassit's about 11 years ago. They were ok then. They did deliver the bike to my house free of charge because I wasn't licensed yet. Brought it on the back of a ute. No idea what they are like now. ;)
  5. i gought my bike from them, happy with it.
    great service, good bike.

    asking online isnt the best idea....
    as youre 10x more likely to have the guys with a bad experience pipe up then those with good experience. keep that in mind.
  6. Thanks for the replies!

    Dropped by the dealership on thursday to have look at the bikes and a chat with the sales people. Ended up sitting on all of the bikes i have an interest which was fantastic!

    Only downer was the guy at the dealership wasn't overly responsive to questions or even our presence, but may have been an off day - he was congenial enough and was welcome to me sitting on and checking out the bikes, and offered for me to test ride once i get my L's so that was a plus in their direction.

    One thing i did notice was a discrepancy in the prices quoted at the delaership vs the prices for the bikes they had online? That was a little weird but as i wasn't looking at buying right then and there, I didn't bother to pursue questions about prices etc.
  7. Bought two bikes there over 8 years and get the servicing done there.

    Easy to deal with.

  8. Good to know people are getting some good sevice from them, thanks all. Yeah spenaroo, I'm aware that the response may be skewed, but it would at least give me an idea of a "worst case scenario" if somethign were to go wrong ;)
    But obviously they are doing something right to be in business for as long as they have been!
  9. Rastus, now go to another dealer and see the prices differ as much as you saw at Gassit and ask how many other places will ok a test ride once you get your learners, be fair and compare bikes [like to like] the only way you will compare honestly is comparing the same bike/age and rough mileage and see what you find..
  10. +1 on the test ride,
    i was amazed when i went to put my deposit on the vtr,
    its was pouring down, id only been on a road bike during the leaners test,
    and they had it all in the workshop ready for me to check it out (was negotiating prive etc.. beforehand) and asked if i wanted to ride it (on the backstreets around there - while there was a break in the rain)
    i refused as i wasnt overly confident. but this still blows me away and just cemented my purchase decision.
    there pricing seems to be fair. would buy there again if they have anything that intrests me when im off lams......

    but im with you on the internet advertising, the bike i was looking at on the net was sold, but they had another (ended up getting it cheaper, with more options then the bike on the net)
  11. Yeah fair call on the test rides. Have to get my license first :p
    I'll go back later this week once i have the license to start doing some test rides etc. Thanks for the advice all!