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Gasoline - is this how you both feel?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Living in a nanny eco-fascist state getting you and your ride down? Is this how you both feel?

    "In "Gasoline," Hubert Dobler's first NY solo show, he assaults the polite electronic façade of our postmodern service-industry landscape with his mean machine Honda CB550 Four, 1976. It is gasoline, the return of the repressed. No brakes. Muscular energy.
    The power is raw. The motorcycle is chained to the ceiling in Dobler's Bull video and it screams and bucks into the air and up against the walls like a wild beast."


  2. We both felt it was a complete waste of a perfectly good motorcycle someone could've enjoyed as it was meant to be enjoyed.
  3. Well that was Gay.
  4. You guys are wrong. This captures the essence of the motorcycle. This is what beats at the heart of every bike... a wild animal that just wants to be unleashed.

    I loved it. :)
  5. I think that movie went over my head
  6. Would have been funnier if the bike broke free of the chains and killed the film crews, I reckon.

    Reminded me too much of a caged animal, trapped and desperate to escape to better days. :(

    Very sad really...

  7. Pfft, I could of ridden it. It's not the Director's fault if the rider couldn't stay on.
  8. Now THAT would've been fun to watch, mate.. :LOL: :p