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gasket query

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Billy Batson, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. anybody know what the engine sump drain plug gasket on the ER-6n is made from...handbook says replace when changing oil..is it Red fibre? metal? Kawasaki Special Material No 450- Unobtanium 6?8-[

  2. Pretty much all the drain plugs I've seen lately use what looks to be aluminium. Copper should also do the job if you happen to have a cheap source of washers. Avoid fibre. I've never seen it on a factory sump plug so I suspect there may be good reasons for not using it.

    The main reason you have to replace metallic sealing washers is that they work harden when initially crushed and so will not crush properly again. IMHO 90% of stripped sump plugs are due to attempting to achieve a seal against a work hardened used washer.

    In desperate circumstances you can get a used washer to work by annealing it (heat to red for copper or just prior to "ohshititsmelted" for aluminium and either leave to cool or dunk in water to taste. Either will work for non-ferrous metals) but it's not ideal 'cos it's still too thin. Besides, unless you're caught iout in the small hours of the morning, why bother when replacements are cheap and widely available?
  3. Getting to the right temp for aluminium is tricky, but you can heat it till it melts, then after about 20 secs it'll cool down to 'just prior to "ohshititsmelted" '. Then you just drill a hole in the blob and you've got a brand new washer.
  4. Annealing small pieces of aluminium is a game of chicken for wimps :D.