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Gas tank pillion handle

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thuanz, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. so this just arrived in the mail today, after installing it I have to say it's a good fit, nice and sturdy, also it's nice when cruising as I can lay on it and not have to sit so low on the tank. I'm sure the missus will love it but she hasn't tried it yet. Can't see how she wouldn't enjoy it though. I'll let you know her thoughts on it once she jumps on.

  2. Looks more awkward then having her hold on to you.
    Braking hard might be an issue.
  3. Good idea but it looks pretty awkward to me. Get ready for plenty of helmet banging. :shock:
    You must be a skinny bugger too. :p
  4. Has anyone told you that you have a funny looking big toe?
  5. I was thinking the same thing, kinda kinks at an angle. And the next toe is freaky, which kinda scares me.

    I think you need to trim it's nail as well. Although it could be the light.
  6. haha.. I knew I was gonna cop shit for the toes, at least they're not hairy. can't see why braking would be a problem it's something for her to push on. I am a really skinny bugger so she really needs something else to hold on.
    I think there'll be less helmet banging, it puts her hands further back than usual. normally she puts it on the tank which is quite far forward on a gixxer.
    you can get a better idea of how it goes on here
  7. That looks like a awesome nutsack remover in a head on collision.
  8. umm.. not sure where your nutsacks are but mine sure aren't on top of the tank. anyway the wife loves it, just though it might help out someone on here as I was looking for something like this for a while, but guess not.
  9. that's what I was thinking.

    also, i prefer to be a minimalist when it comes to bikes and try and avoid adding sh!t on unless it's absolutely necessary.
  10. that might be cause you ride a gsx1400 which probably has better pillion accomodation than a gsxr750.
    anyway I still can't see how the top of the tank has anything to do with anyones nuts?
  11. If you hit something and go for a forward slide along the tank, your cruids might get caught. Not a really common scenario, but enough to scare me!
  12. Ducati 2-seater MotoGP bike has simialr handles, just further back and more lateral.

  13. You wouldn't think your nuts would hit there, but then you wouldn't think I'd have scarred shins from my handlebars.

    Good idea though, if I'm on the back of a sporty I'll generally wrap my arms around the rider, grab one wrist with the other hand and have one palm flat against the tank. Under heavy brakes your weight is against the tank and not the rider.
  14. finally someone who understands what I'm talking about. Before when riding my wife would constantly have to switch between having her arms around me or hands against the tank under braking, sometimes she would get lazy and leave it on the tank to prevent switching so much but I thought it was a bit dangerous in case I needed to accelerate suddenly. I'd rather have my balls crushed than the wife fly off the back I guess, now she just has to leave her hands on there to cover both accel and decel.
    The ducati one looks good too, if it's safe enough to be on a moto gp bike it's safe enough to be on mine. I mean cmon we ride motorbikes, if you stack you're pretty much F**ked either way.
    Moral is, if you have a sportsbike I think this is one of the best options for a pillion, comes on and off in about 30 seconds too.
  15. Looks like it'd work well to me.
  16. Except it will rotate the pillion's wrist in the wrong direction. Think about why we like swept back handlebars. When our wrists are straight and strongest, our palms are rotated outward, not inward.

    It may not be a problem because your wife will be reaching around you with bent elbows, but if it is a problem it will lead to fatigue.

    Let us know how it goes after a few spirited rides. :)
  17. the wife really loves it, reckons it makes it alot more comfortable and she feels safer on it. I mean it may not be perfect but on a sportsbike I can't think of much else that'd be better. Anyway hope it helps someone if your wifes needs a bit more confidence riding pillion.
  18. +1 My thoughs exactly. Whats going to happen to your tank if its not flush and moves forward under pressure :/ Got a picture of it mounted up? what angle is the handle off the tank? 45 degrees?
  19. speaking from someone who just ejected themself over the handlebars if i had that thing there yes i would have no sack remaining.
    silly silly poms. why do they come up with these things.
  20. Honestly though, do you really need one anymore? :LOL: