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Gas & Lecky pricing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roarin, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Quick question. Does anyone know, or know where to look to see, if the price of both Gas and Electricity have increased in the past 3 or 4 weeks? Cheers.

  2. If you are in Melbourne and a TRUenergy customer, then yes, gas and leckticy prices have both increased recently.

    Dunno about other cities or other suppliers but.
  3. Geelong actually. Reason being, about 4 weeks ago I changed both Gas and Electricity suppliers. 2 year contract. Yes they were cheaper than the previous supplier. But suspiciously, (well, to my skeptical mind anyway) after the cooling off period, but before the first bill, 2 letters arrive in the mail along the lines of "we regret to inform you, but there has been an increase in the price gas/electricity" yadda yadda yadda.
    I think I will ring the previous suppliers and check their pricing -just to make sure. Then kick some heads in if necessary.
  4. Yep, mine's just had a substantial increase, looking for a new supplier stat.
  5. 23rd Jan is the next increase for TRU Energy Customers....link here

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  7. yes to north central district, although I can not remember by how much.
  8. Yeah, almost everything across the board for utilities is rising, some things like up to 600% I've heard (probably for LOW use people whose bills will be like $2 to $12 or something?)

    Our water bill for example just came in, barwon water, we used roughly 2/3rds of the water previously for the average per daily and it was double price heh.

    Our Gas + Sparky bills aren't "the best" since we're both home 'all day', well we don't work but we do LOTS of shopping and pool/gym + I ride the mbike etc. But we are home at times during normal hours so our usage is higher than if we were working again, from memory our last (2 or 3 monthly?) gas bill was either $45 or $60, we got 2 bills at that time at those costs, I forget which was what hehe (and it's time for bed here, damn insomnia! _Still_ happening
  9. Ha. Just got a letter from my old supplier informing me of a near 7% rise in power. Guess that answers my question:)
  10. Maybe they read Netrider? :LOL: