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Garou I'm gona Kick your Ar$e

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Well the big boy went and bought himself a bike before Chrissy, and I didn't find out about it till today.

    Grats on the New Wheels Mate

    He went the Hyo Aquila 250
  2. What can I say? It's peeeeertty!! :)

    Hey Voyager....what do you say. VIP cruiser parking at Baz's? We can relegate the crotch rockets to the second rank?? :p
  3. Yep Garou definately got himself a nice looking bike :grin: so where's this VIP crusier parking :LOL: :wink:
  4. Hey Nixon chicky!

    Maybe have to put up the bike parking sign at my place. Turn the old shack into the Western Burbs HQ.
  5. Sweeeeeeeeet :grin: sounds good to me although not sure about the distance :LOL: Just let me know when its daggy dvd night, I'll be the dag & someone else can supply the dvd :p
  6. LOL

    The distance???

    What you can't be bothered riding the whole 5 minutes to my place?
  7. :shock: 5 mins ???? It takes time to decide which jacket Im gunna wear, with which pants, and which boots, then theres gloves :blah: :blah: :blah:
  8. Geeeez. You are such a girl!!

    What happened to the good old days of leather, leather and more leather ;)
  9. :eek: Ooooo Ive got them too !! Sheesh might be easier if I just turn up in pj's for dvd nights hey :LOL:

    Hey am thinking of a possible short arvo ride 2moz, have been a bit :oops: neglectful of the gal. Shall I text you before leaving ?
  10. Depends on what the weather is doing. But give me a buzz anyway. I will see how I'm going.

    Got to organise a beginers ride with Voyager soon too. Maybe out Meradith way.
  11. Well you know me, I dont mind riding in the rain :) but will give ya a buzz beforehand and yep Im aware of those plans, sounds good.
  12. Definately be setting something up for a good cruise somewhere. Garou - I think you're ready for the final test of commitment to Netrider - Friday Coffee. Time to clean your baby and take her down for everyone to admire.
  13. Hey congat's on the purchase Garou! So when are we going riding? :LOL:
  14. Any time you want hun. But you is going to have to come atleast half way though. It's such a long way out to where you are....I would have to pack a lunch!! :grin:
  15. Tut Tut Garou - long ways are the BEST ways. :wink: :cool:

    ....Which means I will be more than happy to meet you half way or even the whole way :grin:
  16. Your welcome to come visit lil old Altona any time. I'm sure that we can drum up some locals to give you a warm reception, and a decent ride.
  17. OK, OK - I get the message already!!!

    I'll pick a date and post up the ride in the Calendar. I'll give you all a couple more weeks to get up to speed, then it will happen. I said I'd do it before summer was officially over.