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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by vic, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. November last year I bought Zumo 500 just so I check that when people tell me where to go, they are correct. Funnily enough Hell or Farked doesnt come up in the maps :p


    One of the connectors on the bottom of the unit shit itself so I sent it back to Garmin for repair.

    The unit was shipped to them Last Thursday. Today they call me and tell me that they needed a return address as they were ready to ship the unit back to me.

    I asked if it was repaired and they said no. They did not have a connector in stock and it's a 5 week wait for the part to come from Taiwan :shock:

    So Victor from Garmin decided that 5 weeks is far too long so they replaced it with a brand new one.

    Now that my friends, is SERVICE.

    Of course I have to get it yet ;)

    Now I'll need to rack up another "top speed" on the thing.
    Lake Leake road anyone? :LOL:
  2. I've got a Garmin on the bike and one in the car. Great product and service. The only area they are slack is in updating there POI's. They have them for red light cameras and speed cameras, but there 2 years old now!

    Looks like Garmin have the old free POI's Free

    But if you want the latest speed and red light camera locations, its an annual subscription! Subscribe. I don't think this is good marketing? You get stung enough for hardware and map upgrades, making you pay for these (provided for free by the previous Garmin Agent) is not right!