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Garmin Zumo 550

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by vic, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. If you are thinking of buying a Zumo 550 that Garmin build, I have one word of advice for you.....

    D O N T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy another brand, the Garmin units are too unreliable.

    My first unit failed within 6 months so it went back and was replaced.
    It took them a few weeks to decide to replace it. Then after a week of waiting for it, I called only to be told that it was sitting in the orphaned pile.
    I provided the return shipping address when I sent the unit away.

    Then, not Garmins fault but Australian Air Express couldnt manage to get a parcel delivered to the correct address.

    Two weeks later the cradle fails by losing a pin so the stupid thing doesn't run on power, battery only. Send the cradle back for repair, it was replaced.

    Six weeks after getting the replacement GPS it starts beeping at me like crazy, shut it off and off it stayed. Back to Garmin it goes.

    That was the 8th of July. Three weeks ago I call them and ask them where my GPS is and I'm told that parts are due at the end of the month.

    Call again today and get told that the parts are still on their way and are coming by boat. They could not tell me how much longer I needed to wait for my GPS to be returned.

    Frustrated with his lack of information, just in general conversation, I may have dropped the F-bomb once or twice but at no time was any anger directed at little Andrew.

    He told me to stop swearing :? now he was either Hornet's son or this little legend was bought up in a sterile environment.

    I stated that I was not swearing at him and it was just general conversation. I then asked him is he was a child ;) Mr Sooky la-la hung up on me. :LOL:

    So there you have it.

    Buy a Garmin GPS, and have it back to Garmin more times than you have it on your bike, get frustrated and then be hung up on.

    fcuk you Garmin and the shit products that you make.

  2. Thanks Vic, looking at GPS unit for the bike & Garmin it shall not be!!
  3. Whilst I haven't experienced the later model Garmin stuff, I've had a Garmin 2610 (car GPS) unit for 6 years and absolutely love it. It's had 1000 hours of use (according to the GPS) and no problems at all. Currently using it to navigate around the UK. I'd be lost (in every sense) without it.
  4. Sorry to hear that your Garmin's causing you grief.

    Thing is, as GPSes go they're not too bad. Having said that I've only ever owned the Etrex range due to is smallness and ability to clamp onto the handlebars.

    However, they do have some faults, the main one being is that they won't run reliably on batteries. There is a design problem that for some stupid reason was inherited on each successive model, from the Etrex, to Etrex Legend and Etrex Legend C. If you mount the unit on the bars via the battery case it will move about, vibrate, etc. This causes the case to flex and the batteries to disconnect, thus resetting the GPS.

    The fix is to purchase a car charger/cigarette lighter thingy. The GENUINE (tm) Etrex one cost a fair bit of dosh til I realised that you can buy the bloody things anywhere for a few bux (I have three of them in the drawer gathering dust).

    Another thing - they can run Garmin Mapsource products, but they cost shitloads more than what the GPS is worth, particuarly City Navigator which is the one to get if you want to use it as a street nav device. However, there's a catch - the unit can only load a few of the maps. And it's slower than treacle when redrawing the map that's loaded, and it often crashes or locks up.

    But for basic use as a glorified trip computer it does the trick nicely. I'll be removing the Mapsource maps off of it when I can figure out how to do it and will run a map called "Tracks4Australia". It doesn't support autorouting (where it follows the roads on the maps and turns and stuff) but as a general guide as to where you are it's not too bad.

    I think though, I'll go with the Tom Tom Rider II when the Minister of Finance has decided that funds for the rennos are no longer required...
  5. Sorry to hear of the hassles Vic, but...

    I've had a Zumo550 for a few years now, and haven't had a single reliability issue with it in that time. It hasn't had daily use by any means, but regularly used on both bike cradle and in car.

    I have my criticisms of the navigation side of things, but all software rather than hardware issues, and never bad enough that I've wanted to throw it out the window (like a couple of bluetooth headsets I've wasted money on over the years...)

    Now if I could only figure out how to disable the speed and redlight warning beeps so I don't get a heart attack every time I get on Burwood Hwy...
  6. You can remove the greed camera warning by editing the POI's

    The dumbest thing about the zumo is that there is no "acknowledge" button so when you are coming up to a "camera" you can stop the retarted thing from warning you about it. Mine was set to warn me 300 meters from the camera, unfortunately, it's 300 meters either side so 600 meteres worth of "ding, speed camera ahead" warning.

    Stupid idea, stupid device, stupid customer support.
  7. Did anyone else see the slight irony of air express not being able to deliver a GPS to the right address?

    Personally I like getting lost and doing blockies for hours.
  8. Well, you are from Queensland....

  9. Yes, Queenslanders do rather strange things, lol. Actually Sooty, my father just moved up your way with his BMW 1150RT Tourer and Norton 850 Commando. He's now located in Valdora and loving the area.
  10. :LOL: Nice
  11. Not everyone has had a bad Zumo experience. I've had mine for a couple of years. It's never missed a beat and I'm very happy with it. Sure, there's some things I'd like to see changed, but overall it's extremely capable. It was certainly well ahead of anything on the market when I bought it. Up until recently it's been the GPS that BMW has branded for their bikes (they've now moved to a Zumo 660 variant) and that's a pretty strong endorsement. If you're in the market and have the money (they're not cheap) then the 550 or 660 would have to be on your short-list.
  12. My son doesn't work for Garmin :LOL:.
  13. My post was voicing my experience with the unit, not yours not joe bloggs', mine.

    I have had a shit unit, backed up with pathetic support from a global company.

    Would I recommend them? not a fcuken hope in hell.
  14. Might be worth doing a little more investigation rather than going off 1 forum message...

    The Zumo 550 is the best GPS I own. I commute in all weather with the cradle on the bike at all times, often use the GPS for music or audio books and it's still going strong at nearly 2 years old.

    Are they end of life now with the 660's? If so I might have to source a spare.
  15. send em a email of this post, watch how fast it gets fixed :)