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Garmin are setting up in Australia.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pete, May 23, 2008.

  1. From another forum. (VSRI)

    From 1 July 2008 Garmin will have their own operation in Australia, based in Sydney. GME will no longer be the importer and distributor.
    Garmin say that the growing use of GPS and falling prices have prompted their move to our shores, they are also third in sales volume behind TomTom and Navman. They say that they will never be a price leader but for those people considering a bike GPS in the near future it may be worth while keeping an eye on Garmin prices.

  2. Bully for Garmin.

    While they make good GPSes their price brackets are definitely not competitive, its bike dedicated navigator and the cost of Mapsource updates being a good indicator of this.
  3. Wonder if that'll push prices up or down.

    To be fair on Garmin, most of the more advanced features that even their basic GPSes offer aren't available in other brands. But then, with GPSes becoming so popular now, diluting the advanced user demographic, 'do the majority of users need those features'?

  4. Cant say Garmin Australia is too impressive. I used to go to the GME site every few months to get the latest POI (for speed cameras, red light cameras etc) which was outdated, but better than nothing! The Garmin Australia site has nothing at all!

    Garmin Australia
  5. What do you mean by "outdated", exactly?

    If the POIs for cameras aren't accurate because say, they are no longer operating in one spot, or don't have the latest POIs for where they are operating, then how is this better than nothing? Inaccurate information is probably worse than no info at all.

    But hey, at least your navigator has a website where you can check out the latest maps, etc. I have a MIO C510 and I'm buggered if I can either find a contact online to enquire about updates or where to download them.
  6. I have a Garmin Nuvi 770 for the car. The old site had POI's that were a year old. We had a MIO for about a week, but it sent the wife in the wrong direction a couple of times so we returned it and got the Garmin. The Garmin is a good unit.

    I also have a Garmin Quest on the bike. No POI's can be loaded on it, but probably better on a bike or you'd spend too much time looking at it rather than the road! For working out where to go or where you are its perfect.
  7. Just checked it out at Johnny Appleseed (ja-gps.com.au). For $750 you'd hope that it's a good unit. Compared to a similar Tom Tom it's expensive.

    I take it that you got a bike mount for it? If so, what sort? My Etrex came with one, built into the battery cover.

    What's it like for waterproofing?
  8. I got it off eBay for $200. Screen was scratched and I only got about 4 hrs from the battery. Sent it into Garmin GME and they put a new case on it (which includes screen cover) & battery for $110, now its as good as new!
  9. I've got a Techmount connection which clamps onto the top of forks above triple plate then a $20 Ram mount that screws onto the Techmount.



  10. So $1000 for the Zumo 550, that seems like a lot...

    I'm basically after;
    * use downloaded routes from the net (e.g. biatch n' Bitumen)
    * show points of interest (red light cameras, petrol stations, etc)
    * get a route from a to b
    * hook it up to the bikes power

    I don't really want music, voice directions or mobile phones...

    Any ideas?
  11. Maybe something like the above unit? Or if you don't mind the small screen an Etrex Legend CX, maybe?

    Not sure about any of the other brands. However, if I were to spend the dough I'd probably go with the Tom Tom Rider, mainly because it's been designed for use on bikes. I'm not that interested in voice directions as where we tend to ride it's fairly obvious where we're going. It's more for the gadget value and to keep me interested in something to look at on the boring sectors.
  12. I don't like how big units like the Zumo and Rider are. As you said, I also don't want any audio (I use ear plugs and am happy with that).

    The Quest has all the "location" POI's like servos, etc but not red light or speed cameras. I believe the Zumo does have these, but they are only as good as how often they are updated, but the bigger problem is if you don't have audio, you need to be constantly looking at the screen to see the radar icon to alert you! The Quest gets about 20hrs on battery (without backlighting - about 7 hrs with) so I did not bother with the power option (can get a cradle that does allow this). I've never tried loading "downloaded" routes, but assume you can provided they are in the same format as MapSource (which Garmin uses to connect GPS to computer).