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Garmin 550 zumo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Slightly simple, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Can anyone tell me if they know if it is possible to change over the prelaoded mapping on this unit?
    The reason why i ask is that this unit to the best of my knowledge can be bought for around $1250.00 AU in OZ, but can also had from the USA for $629.00 US (671.98 AU) +p&p and in the UK for around 785.00 AU +p&p. Where do they get these prices from ?. I enquired about getting one from the UK with preloaded OZ maps as opposed to the Euro map but had no joy. Any ideas

  2. Welcome to NR Slightly 'simple'

    Sorry I cannot assist you with your dilema, but I'm sure there are a few here that could.
  3. Yes you save a few bucks.

    The Aussie maps cost ~$300 but you get NO local warranty support

    Add shipping ot the equation and you are saving a few hundred $$'s but should something go wrong, your savings will be quickly erroded and not having the unit for a while as well
  4. Whilst you can find "alternative" ways of getting maps that don't involve purchasing them, I'd hesitate purchasing overseas for a GPS for warranty reasons alone.

    Bike mods, riding gear and other bits and pieces? Yeah wouldn't hesitate. A mini computer with potential for a multitude of problems developing within a warranty period? Not worth the risk. As technology goes, GPS units are a fairly recent development and are quite often still in the early stages of development. Just google for problems people have had with them to see what I mean.

    FWIW I've had to put my Tomtom Rider in for a warranty job, and it has two issues that need rectifying. If I'd bought it from overseas it would be an expensive exercise and would probably involve binning it and paying for a new one...
  5. The short answer is probably,
    "Without buying CityNavigator Australia for (as pointed out) ~$300AUS and loading that onto the device yourself, no, it is not possible".

    Trying to get the full $600ish discount by trying to be a poirate would be difficult as the maps require an unlock code, etc, etc.

    Good place for GPS stuff is:
    Prices are generally pretty good, and their delivery time verges on the implausibly quick in my experience.

    I use an imported eTrex Legend C with the USA basemaps, and City Navigator Australia over the top of that. It generally works "just like an Australian eTrex", except:
    * When I leave the coverage of the maps I have currently loaded onto the GPS, the basemap has very little data for Australia. I have all the major roads and towns for the USA though! :LOL:
    * more frustratingly in some "Find" operations it wants to default to searching American cities unless I tell it "No, search the CN Australia maps for nearby cities, doofus!"
  6. There are several pirated copies of GPS software on the net. You just need to know where to look.
  7. :WStupid:

    Plus it takes about a minute to google and download a key generator for those oh so tricky activation codes... :LOL:

    ...or so I've been told O:)
  8. Well, I did say "difficult", not "impossible". ;)
  9. Go over to www.zumoforums.com and read the thread: "My Zumo is dead" (or similar thread titles) This may help you decide to support local vendors.

    The Zumo 550 is very good, but it is not perfect, and there have been quite a few hardware failures. What make them worth while is the Garmin support, which generally replaces or repairs a GPS with few questions. You wont get that support (easily) if you import one.

    If you find a pirated Australian City Navigator 2008 and map key, you might have trouble updating the Mapsource software, which is essential for use of the Zumo. You might have trouble with firmware updates as well, as they are done from the web, so Garmin could check your map key, and probably does, when you do the update.

    I agree though, that the local price is a bit over the top, and I too considered buying overseas. You could find a thread here about it if you searched. The other issue is that the Australian Zumo 550 only has 486 MB of memory, while the American one has 1 GB, and the European one has about 1.2 GB. This is to fit the larger maps databases for America and Europe. All Zumos have very little free memory after the local maps are loaded, and it is necessary to add an SDHC memory card to supply extra memory. I have an 8 GB SDHC card in mine.

    Consider all of the above before deciding.