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Gardner v Doohan

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vaughan coburn, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Not being (or trying) to be smart here.

    Wayne Gardner was a special racer....much better than Doohan. He beat them all i.e. Spencer....Schwantz......Lawson.....Rainey.
    Doohan beat Criville.....WOW.
    Please do not respond with the 5 times in a row world champ crap because so was Agostini!!
    Opinions (excluding Joel).
  2. But I agree with you Vaughan.
    You in the shop tomorrow?
  3. Yep....In Thailand.
  4. Well, thats no good.

    Doohan was no doubt extraordinary, and somewhat unorthodox in his technique.
    Gardiner would go all out to win a battle.

  5. Your command of the English language is nearly about average Joel......until you messed up Waynes surname!! Typo perhaps?
  6. Difficult to compare them. WG was finishing up before MD really got going.
    Pity Ajay never went over there, and had a crack at it.
  7. The amount of carltons I've had, makes a typo inevitable.
    Thanks for pointing it out.
  8. Why unorthodox?......Have you ever raced a 2 stroke with grunt?
  9. Only an RGV250
  10. would it be fair to say that Mick had a bit of corner speed left in him if he hung the top of his body off the bike? He'd be using less lean. Still, I'm sure people were telling him that back in the day, and it didn't stop him dominating.

  11. Ajay (who is a friend of mine) was quite happy to be "King of the kids" in his homeland...and why not when everything is paid for!!!
  12. Sorry Joel, but he said "Grunt"
  13. Thats the unorthodox style I was talking about, but hey, it worked for him.

  14. Took the words right out of my finger (s).
  15. I know rog, that's why I said "only"
  16. No matter, Joel, we all do what we can afford.

    Ajay would have been a contender, had he taken the plunge, I reckon.

    He certainly had as much ticker as WG.
    Talent was there too.

  17. I do not want to sound rude Joel but do you have any expertise in the racing forum?
    Knowledge I mean.
    Maybe you are buddies with Will (fatso) Hagon yes?
  18. Sorry Rog....We dont.

    I (like many of my mates) took the plunge and could not afford it...Thats life mate.
  19. WH has no experience.
  20. Expertise - no
    Knowledge - I like to think so
    Opinions - yes
    Mates - probably