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Garbage trucks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. OMFG do not get stuck behind a garbage truck in traffic...


  2. wait till u get stuck behind a semi full of chickens or cows, not only will u smell it, u will also wear it
  3. :rofl: Try working on them or even a breakdown !

    But there is worse to get stuck behind .... cattle trucks are up near the top of the list, that is a shower you dont want :busting:
  4. the few times i recall riding near livestock trucks, ive managed to avoid any particularly nasty showers.
  5. Ahhh..being in touch with the elements and surroundings...that what I love about riding.
    Many interstate tours have seen a few encounters with livestock on the go.
    I once watched in horror :-O then delight as a cow lifted it's tail showering moo-poo into a little White Capri at Gepps Cross in Adelaide...the was an abattoir near the big intersection. Seeing the lady in her newly fertilizer patterned sun dress yelling at the truckie pissing himself laughing.

    Chooks on trucks are not too bad depending which way you are going..head to head the wind blast ya like nay other truck..but there is a wake of feathers .Slip-streaming behind them is smelly enough to make you want to overtake.

    Not much beats the garbage truck stink though..bad enough in traffic but encountering them on the move sprinkling you with bin juice leaves a lasting pong on your gear beyond the earthy smelling bovine offerings.
  6. cattle trucks on Macquarie Pass are hard to pass :LOL:
  7. There's an outfit in Perth who specialise in fish waste. You don't want to be stuck behind one of their trucks on a hot day, unless you have the ability to breathe through your ears.
  8. And painful too :busting:
  9. in box hill the other day, i saw a number of trucks full of butchers waste and from the looks of things, open topped. and on a sunny day. yumyum!
  10. As a learner, I reckon it is a learner's right of passage to get stuck behind a garbo truck. Happened to me 1st ride on the roads with my bike.

    Sheep/Cattle I never intend experiencing though.
  11. Yeah not long after i got my bike i was behind a cattle truck and it was raining. Wasnt there for more then about 2 minutes before the opportunity to pass presented itself, but theres no two ways about it, i was covered in shit.
  12. Getting stuck behind a two stroke is just as bad :)

  13. :rofl: just ask ohmigosh about this he gets stuck behind me all the time
  14. +1 for the livestock trucks, sheep is the worst smell.

    2 stroke LOL nah........ thats the best smell in the world!!
  15. Tis the essence of riding is it not :), smell your surroundings, feel the wind (and shit) on your face.
  16. best is riding around the local streets and u know what the houses are cooking, smells good
  17. haha yeah
  18. G'day everyone,....

    You have'nt enjoyed life t the fullest untill you have been stuck behind the cattle truck in the RAIN!

    That just runs out and sprays over everything,....

    Dr Who?
  19. Ride off road and get behind ya mates YZ450 :(

    Body armor payed dividends that day.. showered with rocks sand n shit... How the hell would i survive with an open faced helmet??

    even though i would have been a good hundred meters behind him, i was still getting showered in Sh*t!
  20. I live in Carlton, with a gate out on to the back lane.

    That's where I get my bike in and out.

    And right there, in front of my gate is where drunks like to do their Mr Whippy shits late at night.

    The smell is strong and I dry reach.

    I keep a stick at the back gate so as to - golfing style - remove the individual pieces one stroke at a time.

    Sometimes I step on them in the dark further down the lane. Once I slipped on one.

    I beat you all.