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Garbage Race

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. In today's Frankston Leader (no link yet) there is an account of a commuter "race" from Frankston to Flinders Street. Car, bicycle and train won by the bicycle.

    Naturally there was no motorcycle or scooter in there. I've emailed them and issued a challenge to rerun it with a a motorcycle and/or scooter. Is there anyone who commutes daily from Frankston into the city who would be interested in taking part (in the unlikely event that they accept the challenge) :LOL:

  2. Good on you Tony!
    I'd do it! I live near Frankston.
    I'm only on a Honda VTR250 and am pretty sure I'd beat them all while still obeying all speed limits, all while looking 20% cooler in the process.
  3. I commute from Patterson Lakes up to City for Uni. After i get my bike fixed ill pop by Frankston and time it. Of the top of my head id say it takes me about 45 min on a relaxed day with moderate traffic.
  4. Preferably a KTM Superduke or similar super-narrow litrebike, for maximum urban agility. ;)
  5. If they accept the challenge, they will no doubt require the powered two-wheeler to conform rigidly to everyone else's definition of sticking to the road rules, won't they?
    Given that it deemed safe and legal for cyclists to pass other vehicles on the left (ie. 'split', in our terms), but not powered two-wheelers, I'm not so sure you would walk away with a win on this...

    Feel free to prove me wrong.
  6. Of course the cyclist would always have stopped at red lights etc. :?

    A few years back the Age did something similar - it was a Porsche 911 vs a Vespa from the airport to St Kilda. Both had to obey all rules (including no filtering). The Vespa won by 15 minutes so I don't think a lane splitting/filtering ban would matter.
  7. I'd love to do it, except I don't know that side of the city too well and i actually enjoy splitting and filtering...

    if we aren't to split and filter, aren't we just another car traffic wise then??
  8. That was my point. Apply stoopid laws and I would assume we are no better off. But it Tony has knocked down that argument.
  9. I got a phone call from them today - my letter should be in next weeks paper and I may hear from them again.
  10. Only 20%?

    To my reckoning riding a motorcycle makes you cooler than iceman.
  11. As one would typically expect, they did'nt bother to include bikes/scooters...

    What IS it...are we SO insignificant in the world of transportation!?...Oh silly me - clearly - we are.

    Good on ya for reminding them that we actually exist, mate...Hope someone has an opportunity to stick it up them, AND enjoy his commute for an additional reason.. :)

  12. Dont underestimate the power of the bicycle. No one has had one flat out yet.
    Yer, your right though. Pity they never included a motorcycle.
  13. Low blow right there. What would be the point of the comparo if the rider didn't ride by the rules? Sure the race should have included a motorbike, but it's far from a rubbish race.

    I hope they take up the offer to rerun the race. If the MC can't split, then the only advantage the MC would have is the ability to change lanes through small gaps... which means at peak hour I reckon the cyclist would still get there sooner.

    If filtering was allowed, the MC would win hands down - and if you wanted to drive the point home, you'd use a scooter or CB125.
  14. Was in my local paper too.

    Why no motorcycle in the mix? Ask yourself why they did the article in the first place.

    It is not inconceivable to have a reporter or editor who thinks strongly that ride to work day is a cause worth supporting, so they engineer a story in support.

    Bicycles are in fashion at the moment, and many of the cyclists who ride them consider themselves mavericks who fly through traffic, splitting, filtering and undertaking on the left with immunity. These days they rarely speed through red lights, but many of them still go through pedestrian crossings at walking pace!!!!

    I don't think motorcycles appeal to the masses enough for a local community paper to highlight how good they are. It may just reinforce the old cagers addage that 'It's not fair that motorcycles get through traffic so easily, I have to block these cheats'

    Who cares that a local paper thinks bicycles are best, we know better and don't have to prove it to anyone.\\:D/
  15. Motorcycle conveniently ignored in Commute Comparison

    Found in Frankston Leader on Pages 8/9 a comparison between bicycle, car and public transport.

    They conveniently omitted motorcycles.

    You can find the article below HERE by going to their ebook version and flicking to page 8

    You can post comments HERE

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  16. {Joined John's post onto this thread}
  17. That a metrosexual in his Suzuki Swift took 9 minutes longer than an adult male, dressed as a sperm, on a bicycle proves nothing.

    This is a silly article.
  18. If I'm reading rightly, if not for the signal fault (hopefully not too frequent an occurance) the train would have beat the bicycle by ten minutes. :?

    TBH I've always enjoyed the bicycles party-piece of often keeping up with traffic's average speed around town. Sure, the cars pull away from you in terms of absolute speed, but you always catch up to them at the next set of lights. The lights go green, you reach 30kph, they reach 70kph, and you'll see 'em again at the next set of lights.

    That and dedicated bicycle paths often not having a great deal of traffic or traffic lights.

    Still, would be nice to see a repeat with a PTW involved.
  19. But the car driver arrived nice and dry and comfortable. The bike rider would've been hot & sweaty requiring a shower so his fellow office occupants aren't stunk out so add the shower and clothes changing time time to his trip time each way.

    The train rider would've suffered from Connexitis an affliction known to cause madness in normally sane human beings.
  20. I'm curious. What was the Vespa's advantage if it couldn't filter or split? I'd have thought under those rules they would both just be two more vehicles stuck in peak hour traffic.