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Garages near Camberwell (Eastern & South Eastern Suburbs)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Crispin, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, my bike is well over due for a service and haven't found a local garage yet, or know of one that has a good reputation to take my CB400 too. I'm in Camberwell, so somewhere in the eastern and south eastern suburbs would be suitable. Also, is there anywhere that specifically services Honda bikes or does it not really matter?

    Or if anyone knows of a good one on the Mornington Peninsula, that could also be an option.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  2. Mick Hone in Box Hill is probably the closest to you. (and he's on the tram line) He is a Suzuki dealer but services anything.
  3. Steve Hunt at South East Motorcycles in Moorabbin is top notch and reasonably priced. Wouldn't take my bike anywhere else.

    Fwiw he used to work at New World Honda before branching off on his own and has a fair chunk of experience. whenever I frop my bike off at his shop, its always chockers full with other bikes, and I reckon that says volumes about his work.

  4. Cheers for the recommendations, booked in with Mick Hone Suzuki yesterday morning as my cousin has known Mick from bike shoots and used to be a suzuki dealer himself. Plus Mick is a bit closer to me and transport, if I stilled lived in Mentone I would definitely check out Steve Hunt.

    Good to know there's something down that way though, cheers to both of you!
  5. Well this is just perfect! I was going to ask the same question, and for Mentone too, so Steve Hunt it is! Thanks ArmyLad!