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Garage Sale, Melb (Richmond), Apr 3rd. see post for details

Discussion in 'Archived' started by undii, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Hope this doesn't contravene any rules and is in the right section. (Brain isn't 100% due to mental + physical stress I'm experiencing due to our move from our house next week.)

    Main details: 77 Wellington Street, Cremorne (it's Richmond but in melways, online maps etc it's only found in Cremorne I think). Saturday April 3rd, 8am-4pm is official times, may run shorter or longer depending on how things go (sell out etc)

    So, here comes the gory details, will put my address as at any time before we move, at least 1-4 people will be here. Mates will be here along with us packing up (great when friends offer to help due to knowing I am injured and packing is STRESS on my shoulder/arm)

    Hi all, we're having a garage sale (gotta wake up in 5-6 hours to prep for it LOL. eek actually!:cool:)

    We have a few motorbike jackets going CHEEAP. Just want to sell them! Some have been worn 1-2 times and put away cause of my injury 4ish years ago. And since I've lost a fair bit of size/weight, 1 or 2 are HUGE on me now and I have better jackets than the rest for the associated type they are. Also have some boots (will look at type in morning, tooooo tired atm!) and 1-2 cheaper side of helmets. I can get sizes of whatever items if people leave posts and I get to see them before/during the garage sale. (Dririders, 1-2 material jackets and 1 leather ixon 'satanic' jacket. I have better ones of each of these types so hence I'm wanting to get rid of these ones). We're moving Thursday so if someone REALLY wants an item(s) and can't make it to the garage sale, let's organise a time soon to pick the item(s) up and I won't put them out.

    I'll do my best to look at net when I wake up and during the prep/during garage sale and see if anyone wants anything. Won't be able to upload pics as it means I have to take photos, up them to PC, then in turn up to imageshack etc and link them. Way too much stuff for me at time being sorry!

    Address is, (finally ha!) 77 Wellington Street Cremorne. Basically it's Richmond, roughly 5 minutes walk to MCG, we're near corner of Hoddle Street + Swan Street traffic lights, our street is opposite Richmond Train Station (street runs off Swan Street). If you do want to come, there is a 'trick', 3/4 of the way up, there is like a dead end/S bend that one needs to do a little right hander then left to reach our house 5ish houses from the end/S bend. That rhymes. Phear DJ Rappa Undii! :notworthy:

    Ok, main stuff! Motorbike jackets, boots, helmet(s) and maybe more! (TomTom Rider v1 and home made mount is available if I find it!, house is ultra messy of boxes etc). Also have baby clothes (lots!) and baby 'gear', rocking chair and a play mat. Also have mens clothes, sizes 32-36 (I'm 32 now and used to be 36), I think Emma is selling clothes, 'collectible' handbags etc(one handbag is a leather corset kind of), and she's selling corset(s) as well I think. A bench press, CHEAP weights. We really want to get rid of all this so just mention to me (the male heh) about being on a mbike website(s) I'm on and bargains will definitely be had!

    Well, I hope this is 'legal' for the site, and if it needs to be moved (hopefully not deleted?!?), I do apologise. :angel:
  2. Well just to let people know we just sold most of the mbike stuff in a big (but annoying!) sale. Guy spent I think 20ish minutes trying to haggle stupidly cheap prices on the mbike gear for 1/2 what I said. I persisted and he eventually took it at my price ;)

    Shame tho as 2 riders turned up 5-10 mins later who wanted some of it possibly. I'd rather sell it to 'real' people I like, not grumpy old men who want everything for nothing. Said with a grin on my face tho :angel:

    Only bike related stuff is an Ohlins steering damper, universal bike stand, think everything else is gone. Have a car battery charger as well, rest is clothes, computer stuff and baby gear. Oh, bench press and some seats + baby 'stuff' (chairs, playmats, nappies and more)
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