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  1. Hello Victorians
    am heading south this weekend and am wondering if the gar is better going from the coast to the hills or going down to bainsdale. i am coming from nsw so can approach from any direction. any local knowledge roads i shouldnt miss would also be appreciated. thanks Paul

  2. ............
  3. is this a braille message
  4. The Great Alpine road is such a hoot you'll want to do it twice so go both directions :)

    The Bonang Hwy from Delegate to Orbost is a gem as well (two brief sections of dirt though - which I'd imagine would be pretty cut up with all the recent rain)
  5. i have plenty of time , so you maybe on the money. who knows when i will be back down. thanks
  6. if i was you i would go through thredbo and tallangatta ... you might want to take some warm gloves...
  7. Monaro Hwy is tops if you like Twisties, take a piccy of the sign going south,
    115 Klms of Twisties,

    Do not take the road through Mitta Mitta, it has 35 kays of really shit gravel,
  8. i have put the liner back in my jacket.
    any spots i should be observing the speed limits
  9. I'll be doing this road soon and will be going from the coast to the hills as per my previous trip though like others said I know it will be just as good going down to Bairnsdale. Might see you in Bright on saturday night.
  10. Mt Hotham has a permanent plod, gets you through the buildings, 3 points,
    Omeo to Ensay, watch your speed, another 3 points,

    Depending on your time scale,

    Omeo, Anglers Rest, Falls Creek, Tawonga, Bright, Mt Hotham, Omeo,
    The Loop, its one grouse ride,
  11. Jindabyne to Khancoben is a must,
    Maybe Jazzfan can tell you how to go across Browns mountain and the roads around Condelo,
    I have been on them, absolutely grouse roads, but I dont know what their called,
  12. I hear approaching from Tasmania's direction is quite fun.
  13. only if your in a Kayak,
  14. well
    i went down the hume as far as tumbdown tavern
    just south of gundagai
    stayed the night and had a few beers and a t-bone
    owner is biker friendly
    next bay went bright omeo bright
    then ended up at tallangatta
    next day khancoban to thredbo
    seriously cold and lots of bark on the road below the snow line
    spent the night at braidwood
    came out of cooma and saw a sign that said braidwood
    so of i went - big sweepers no traffic nice scenery
    then i hit 50km of gravel
    reminds me of ebor to kempsey
    anyway meandered back to newy along the coast via kiama
    fairly good brake really
    bike held up and i only had to take a few painkillers for my shoulders
    ah the joys of bikes
    pretty damn awesome
  15. great report bonneville...
  16. Good stuff bonneville53. I think if I called you I would have been tempted to meet you at bright but we aborted mission due to friend going over a pothole which resulted in buckled tyres.
  17. thats a bummer
    lucky he stayed upright eh
    till next time
  18. hey hornet
    been home a few weeks
    but one of the most empressive memories of my victorian ride
    was at the top of Bulli looking back at the swell rolling into the gong
    love your area