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GAR - tips, trips, road conditions, CW or ACW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by firetiger, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. due to flooding in other parts of Victoria we were planning on heading to, we are now looking at getting up to Marysville then around the GAR... ... just wondering if we could go clockwise or anticlockwise.. for safety... which way do you spend the least amount of time on the outer edges of cliffs etc...

    any good things to see... any good camping sites etc ...won’t be travelling fast and not interested in chasing twisties for the sake of it...

    any good photo ops etc...

    thanks in advance :)
  2. Either way, There are no floods that way,
    Doesnt matter which way you go, the edge is beside you as it winds backwards and forwards through the hills,

    Camping across the top can get very cold at night, So stay a few kilometres down from the top and it is a lot warmer,
    Ensay towards Omeo has some nice spots beside the river,
    Anglers Rest has some very nice camping spots with toilets, couple of kilometres each side of it, and at Anglers rest itself, All beside the river,
    Omeo has no camping signs all over the place.

    Open your eyes, There are good views every where,
    Take piccys,
    You see it, stop, you might have to go back a bit to see it again, Because it is only visible from that spot you first saw it,

    All the roads are good, some small gravel spots here and there, but you get that anywhere,

    Omeo to Anglers rest and the turn off to Falls Creek is a real pleasure, Further on to where the gravel road Starts, is also good for camping and excellent views,
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  4. firetiger any particular reason your are taking the A1 and not B100 to Melbourne? ACW.
  5. +1 to deadman's comments. The run from Omeo to Anglers rest is magic with some great camp spots I have done it three times this season so far and it hasn't lost its fun value yet this is quite tight and technical though. If you don't intend to make the run out through Anglers rest and back over to Falls creek then I would suggest clockwise. The run from Bright up is fairly broad well cambered and opens up into wide sweepers as you climb towards Hotham, .The run down into Omeo sweeps back and forwards and is great fun. The run from Omeo to Bairnsdale is tight in sections but not particularly high it runs alongside the river in the middle to later section and follows the valley cutting closely.

    This is the final run up to Hotham
  6. Saw 2 cyclists going up as we were coming down there, the look on their face said it all. They had conquered the mountain but were knackered.
  7. Thanks for the tips... clockwise it is then... as the mrs will be coming that’ll mean the trailer will be on the back so there’ll be a bit of pulling and pushing....

    I grew up in Camperdown and the GOR was my backyard when younger.. still is my backyard now and get down that way often... so it’ll be straight through to the GAR...

    I wanted to get back up to Marysville as I haven’t been there since the fires then to Wodonga and out to the Hume Weir as I hear its full... the last time I was up there it was just a river running through the middle of it... Same with Eildon, the last time I was out Bonnie Doon way the lake bed was just being used as a 4x4 and motorbike tracks...

    will be heading off 2morow :)

    this is the way we hit the open roads ;)

  8. Res, done hotham (Bright to Omeo and back) on a pushy many times.
    yep, last 10K to the top from the Harrietville side is an achievment no matter how many times you've done it... CRB hill is my favorite.. ouch! but coming down, weeee......

    One thing I'd change to the route is section after Bonnie Doon on the way towards Woodonga. I'd go through Whitefield which is much nicer...

    I'm actually getting into the mood of gravel...
    Thinking of a loop including woods point soon...
  9. done... i reckon i came down that road on the way back from sydney a couple of years back and was wondering which road it was... i think thats it... i recall it being a real nice ride and i had this hell back wind... which was fine until i got into melbourne.. so windy the westgate was closed.. there were branches from trees breaking off and flying across the road etc so i stopped in at a motel at footAscray and drank beers for the arvo watching the cricket :D

  10. Might be worth getting a road update on the Murray Valley highway and Kiewa valley before you get there, too.
    Or else go over the top (Falls Ck?) if that rig can handle the tight stuff.
  11. you may have been looking at the first map that i put up... the revised map won't be using those routs... you are right though, those roads may be flooded...
  12. There hasnt been rain up there,
    So the Murray Valley and Kiewa valley Hwy will be open, I was in Bright last weekend, No floods any where,
  13. Firetiger,
    Read my post,
    Deadman walking,
    It was last weekends ride up there,
    I also did it two weekends ago,
    The roads are good, all tar, and no floods,
  14. thanks.. will do... we're packed and ready to go... :)