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Gangsta-G Loses It Doing A Wheelie

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nicholas, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. that link doesnt work dude :!:
  2. Here's one about some hip-hop music stunt going wrong from searching on that site http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1b5_1183639719


    HA! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cc9_1183541827

    Cop chase.. Fast forward to 6 minutes, (I did cause it was boring) and when the guy the cops are chasing stops, puts head out window, arms up, jumps up, lays on ground, co-operative as hell... Then the cops check the car to see if anyone else in it and then jump on the guy laying down waiting for the "routine putting hands in handcuffs". Well, he gets a few knees as well heh. I guess he never watched "COPS", you'd see guys lay down and cops jumping on the people, kicking them and the like while yelling out "Stop resisting" when it is obvious to see the people aren't resisting..

    Reminds me of some mates when I was 16'ish who took one of the guys involved mum's car. The cops kicked the fcuk out of the guys for about 5 or 6 hours. One thing the guys said that will never be gone from their memories is that one guy was handcuffed (hands behind him), lying down and a female police officer walked in and literally kicked the guy in the face. He lost 3 or 4 teeth from memory cause of that kick. Of course they took photos of their bruises which pretty much started at their calves and finished.. umm.. they didn't seem to stop. They were (literally) covered head to toe in bruises which the police claimed were sustained in the car chase/car "accident" which was the car ran into a fence which a couple jumped and tried to do a runner.

    One of the guys was "casual" about it and put his hands behind his head and expected to be arrested as he just stood out the car. Well, he'd some previous trouble of a couple cops TRIED to beat him up, he kicked the crap out of them (a guy who reached 2nd dan black belt in seido karate at age 17 or 18 and could keep his own in a tussle) and one of the police recognised him and said "That's *NAME*, get him!" and since it was a small "country" place (Portarlington), the police all knew of his name and promptly laid into him. Ah... memories. Pretty much everyone except a couple kids back from there had been on the receiving end of a policemans elbow or knee or other body part. I know I did. :?
  3. ahhahah aha god that was dumb
  4. Netrider sabotaged my link because I posted this in General Discussion.
  5. Can we have a link to a vid of you doing better?
  6. No, but at least I'm not going to be an asshat, give it a go and stack it like this tool.
  7. The shitty power-up bites again. Clutch it, biatch!
  8. we eventually got to see a gangsta stuffing up a wheelie

    thanks rs101

    for a minute there I forgot what this original post was all about. :?

    only kidding nicholas.. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. re: thug wheelie

    guess he failed his msf cause his first attempt at a U turn with foot down would be instant fail over here!

    the dude fcuked up and still gets a handshake from one of his boyz.

  10. Haha yeah, bad luck mang. Better luck next expensive motorcycle, dawg.
  11. "dat waz of da hizzle" or what ever the fcuk they say

    It would be nice to see that in some gangster rap crap video so all these 15 year old wannabe's can really see they are fools :LOL:

  12. here ya go, this site will help you learn som shizzle, ma nizzle :LOL:
  13. thizzanx mah ***** fo` perpetratin' me see tha light now mah life is complete :? :roll:

    Translation: Thank you my friend for helping me see the light now my life is complete :LOL:

    (man that Textilizer is off the show :LOL: :twisted: )

  14. You guys sound really ignorant.
  15. the rear brake would have saved this fool
  16. :?:
  17. Care to expand on that statement and direct it to someone :p :idea:
  18. "kick it to me" :LOL:
    nothing a bit of "ruff&tumble" wont fix ;)