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Gangs of OZ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Gangs of Oz is about motorcycle gangs next week. 25/02/09 9:30 dont miss it

  2. Are you going to be on it?
  3. no, just think it might be good viewing
  4. what station?
  5. Channel 7
  6. It can't be any worse than the previous one...
    It makes ACA and the like look intellectual.

    and I'll guarantee it has Arthur Veno on it...
  7. drug scum gangs :evil: :mad:
  8. its about the TNMR :p
  9. I quite enjoyed the one from two weeks ago ! The one about the Telopea St boys and Middle Eastern gang problem in Sydney.
  10. I enjoyed last night's episode with a brief interview of the retired detective Mick Drury. I recall a portayal of him in Blue Murder standing up to the Dodger.
    It was also interesting to see some of the seedier side of the Victoria Market during the 60s. You've got to remember that a lot of those Underbelly 1 funerals were conducted within a stone's throw of this area. Funny that...
  11. All the posts of yours I've come across, can't think of ONE where there's been something NICE said for a change ...

    This ":evil:" or this ":mad:" punctuates every single post so far ...?

    ... :-k
  12. maybe fredie is an angry little person who needs a hug??? :-({|=
  13. .. or a piece of 3x2 round the back of his head
  14. Tell us what you really feel Hornet! :grin:
  15. i wonder if the Bra boys will get a mention at some stage :grin:

    Hey kishy ur an outlaw to society u might even get a mention :LOL:

    found ya mate :cool:
  16. i think they call it "getting the post count up quickly syndrome by posting shit on peoples threads". :grin:

    Ps, thanks for that 1 post count :LOL:
  17. always the best for u buddy :wink:
  18. u post crap . over a so called shit post :roll:
  19. you post more crap

    so NER!
  20. It's OK es, he's now on