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GANGNAM style Bikers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. This happened today,


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  2. I am strangely aroused. Also tempted to google whatever this Gangnam style is....i thought it said "Ganger style"...
  3. Love it hahaha
  4. The power of positive thinking......
  5. hahaha,
    we were doing it behind the counter at work today as well
  6. What a super cool chick! So funny.
  7. So Peter, no one has asked yet....

    Did she look hotter in real life?

    And did you go back for her number?
  8. Thats GREAT.. gotta try that tomorrow. :)
  9. I think I know who that girl is.
  10. Too cool. I love it. :LOL:
  11. After watching the first minute or so of this video i am convinced you are clinically insane...

    Just the conversation you were having with yourself had me in tears

  12. im talking to the person watching the video.
  13. i know her in person ;) have known her for a few years now.
  14. Haha, that was awesome. I'm usually way against anything that becomes a meme, but the original gangnam vid is actually pretty awesome.

    P.S. That was Gordon St yeah? I live about five minutes from there in Newport.
  15. ariderslife.....................more gangnam and more chikas on bikes ;P. You my friend have your priorities all sorted.

    BTW is she your GF, if not WHY? Send her my way...ill take care of her ;)........
  16. Oh i got that, but it still makes you look insane :p
  17. Judging by that second video in this thread I live pretty close to you ariderslife.
  18. Your voice reminds me of Jon Saffran... without the lisp :)
  19. Saw it on my feed today. Awesome.