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Gaming PC - Updated

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Well I am now a proud owner of lotsa BITS :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Just have to get it assembled now :oops:

    Anyway this is what I ended up getting

    CPU = AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice (S939)

    Graphic Card = XFX nVidia 7800 GTX 256Mb Video Card

    RAM = 2 Gb 3200 Corsiar CL2 TwinX Matched Memory Pair

    HDD = 3 x Seagate 250GB, 7200rpm, 8MB, SATA.
    I will be running 2 HDD in RAID and one for backup. Just have to work out now if it will be RAID O or RAID 1. Any thoughts

    Mother Board = Asus A8N SLI Deluxe

    DVD Burner = Pioneer DVR-109 DVD-RW Internal: 16x± Dual Layer

    DVD Player = Samsung 16x

    Sound Card = Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS

    PSU = Antec True Power 2.0 550W PSU

    Case = MGE Extreme Gamer series - [Quantum]
    this was my hardest choice, here is a link

    OS = Windows XP Pro, sorry but I have to have OEM stuff ALWAYS on my PC :oops:

    Thanks for everyones contribtions and thoughts :D

    Cheers 8)
  2. That looks like a pretty good system to me.

    Only thing I'd perhaps do would be get to 109 DVD drives rather then the Sony CD-RW. Handy incase you ever wanted to copy something directly between two discs and not really a lot more money.

    If you can afford it, get the Deluxe motherboard.
  3. theyre up to 7800 hundred now? i only got my 66gt about 5 months ago. how much is a 78?
  4. A lot. The GTX isn't a fully fledged card either. It's a half pipeline thing like with the standard 6800s and the GTs/Ultras. Still should outperform a 6800 AFAIK.
  5. My Cooler Master Centurion 1 chassis is good :)
    The Antec PSU is also a good one, and a good PSU is the most essential/important piece of your rig to get right.
  6. you seem to be spending alot of money on something's but skimping on one big asset, your graphics card. The best result's I've ever had are when I buy Asus motherboards along with Asus Graphics card I don't know why but I get great 3Dmarks with my systems setup like this, when I mix and match I don't get the same results.
    I don't know of anyone that sells a 7800 GTX in Australia yet but if your getting one from overseas go for a more respectable brand in Nvidia graphics card's like Asus, Gainward or MSI.

    As for your motherboard the Asus A8n are a great series the SLI technology will be lost unless you decide on buying another graphics card somewhere down the line and putting both GPU's into action. The beauty of SLI (scalable link interface) is that you can have two identical gfx-cards and either use Split-frame rendering to have each gfx card render a portion of the screen split horizontally or Alternate-frame rendering which forces the graphics card's to render alternating frames in a sequence (i.e you do one I do the next). You can alternatively just get a A8N- deluxe minus the sli tech.

    Anyway enough on that your system looks great and those antec power supplies are a must! definitely need a good case for that setup is needed so don't skimp on that. But yeah, my main point is your gfx card go quality and wait a little while for all the competition to bring out their version of the GTX's, that shouldn't be long now.

    hrmm maybe we will have to wait for the overclockers to get their hands on them, The GeForce 7800 GTX has 24 pixel pipelines and 8 vertex units operating at a core clock speed of 430 MHz. This is an increase over the GeForce 6's 16 pixel pipelines (only 12 unlocked though) and 6 vertex shaders of 8 and 2 respectively. It is also only a 30Mhz increase in core clock.
  7. i reckon this should have been dicussed in the "release your inner geek" thread, as we've all come out of the closet now guys :D . I reckon if theres a major difference between the latest gen and the last graphics card your better of with going for a top of the line last gen card. i mean they become obsolete in about 8 months anyway. wait till the price comes down, unless money isnt a factor
  8. Seems like ya wasting a lot of money there Dazza. If ya want to save hundreds of dollars and still have a kick arse gaming machine, get this.

    MSi n_force4 ultra for $145, it has creative 7.1 sound onboard.

    MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum NF4 Ultra,1394 $145

    Then when u buy your CPU, make sure its the latest core revision (Venice) as it runs super cool and you can use a really quiet fan to cool it.(Not Sure what revision MSY sells but should be new as they turn over a lot of stock).

    AMD Athlon64-939 3000+/3200+ $205 / $255

    As for the video card, see if u can stretch the budget for a 6800GT with 256meg memory.

    256M MSI 6800GT-T2D $585, anything less and you will regret it in the future.

    Memory, some basic corsair will do the trick

    1G ( 2x512M) Corsair Value DDR400 $135

    Goto MSY to buy as they are cheap as chips

    Then to overclock your new beast Try..

    Multiplyer - 10x
    FSB/Hypertransport 250 Mhz
    Memory set at 166mhz
    HT bus 4x
    Give .2 volts to CPU core

    which equals

    2500 Mhz CPU
    HT bus 4 x 250Mhz (Standard Speed 1000Mhz)
    Memory 166/200*250 = 207.5 Mhz (close to standard speed

    Very basic overclock for an Athlon64 system, great bang for buck and with the exact componets I listed, will do it easy :D
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  10. Which brand and model number is that mate.
    I also changed the DVD to 2 units thanks :D
    It has 24 pipeline tech where as the 68 has 16 :p . Benchmarks are showing that it is ONLY 20% slower FPS than 2 x 68 in SLI format. In single mode it thumps the 68. Price is $850, same/similiar as the 6800 but comes only in PCI-E format no AGP.
    Thanks mate the info you gave me last night stuck like glue :D
    I plan on getting the second card :shock: in about six months. Thanks for the heads up about the GPU being an Asus :)
    Would normally TOTALLY agree with you. But I have been told to dump some money before the end of the financial year :shock: then I can get 1/3 back in a few weeks :D so its just a business thing :oops:
    Would normally agree but as I mentioned its a business thing :oops: :oops: :oops: . The way I figure it :roll: this rig should not need ANY updates for at least 2-3 years. With the use of SLI, 64 bit, PCI-E etc. Well thats my storey and I am sticking to it :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink: . By the way I am upgrading from a Boat Anchor P1.8, 256 RAM (upgraded to 512 but cooked a RAM so back to 256) and have upgraded from a 16MG GPU to the current ATI 9600pro. The unit had a 16GB HDD and I put another 120 into it. When I first got this about 3.5 yrs back I thought "Know way would I/could I use 16GB of HDD :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: what a tool I was.

    Thanks Matt will have a look at those links tomorrow

    Cheers 8)
  11. Hey man, I've had a quick flick thru some of the reply's and from what I've seen no one has mentioned the RAM, Seagate is good RAM but 2 sticks of 256mb is not enough, get 2 sticks of 512mb DDR400 Dual Channel RAM, the faster your RAM the better performance, and if your spending that much money. That is a couple of tank ass hard drives, I assume with that your putting a RAID config in? I think its RAID 1, Split?
    I used to build computers, never really built AMD's used to see a lot of the older ones being burnt out and just wanted to kick the shit out of them, but am a big fan of ASUS, never had any problems with them.
  12. OK, as a computer geek by trade, lets see if I can't save you a few bucks and get your machine to a point where the local LAN boys go "Ooooo"...

    Fair choice.

    Its a half-arser. Go see Lloyd at NewComputers in Oakleigh, tell him I sent you. Get -2- Leadtek 6600GT TDH Extremes - will cost you about $660 for the pair.

    Yah, good call. CL2 ROCKS!

    Don't waste your money, a pair of 250Gb ATA133s will not noticeably slow your machine down, and be cheaper. Plus you can then disable SATA in the BIOS.

    Oh yeah, get the ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe... I got one, and its SWEET! 10 USB2.0 ports and dual gigabit ethernet, plus EASY to config. and runs HARD. Dual-Channel as well.

    Why 2? You'd probably do better with a single DVD+/-RW drive, and the modern equivalent of the Pioneer 116S ROM. Save some $$ too.

    You'll get more games with this than with anything else in your kit. Love the Audigy2, just don't play GTA:San Andreas until they release the patch - has a sound corruption on Audigy cards.

    You're GOING to need 550W for this machine. Ensure its a 24-pin supply, since that board needs a 24-pin mainboard connection, and SLI mode will need a normal 4-pin universal on the board too. (Actually, plug that in anyway, SLI or not, boosts speed noticeably!)

    Both nice units. Also consider the Chenbro X-Spider at half the price - damn nice case, even if it looks a little tacky.

    Hope this helps you out!
  13. damn you lucky bastards with money!!!!!!
  14. If you really need to get rid of some cash this financial, buy 2 systems and give one to me! :D

    Seriously, I need to upgrade so I can play HL2, Doom3, Battlefield2 and would be interested in the total price you manage to get on that rig.
  15. Hey Dazza, when you've finished building the machine, let me know where you live. Time for some practise on light fingers technique after the injury to my hand :LOL: :LOL:
  16. What do you mean its a half-arser :?: I like the idea of 2 x 6600 for that price instead of one x 7800. Pardon my ignorence but where does GT TDH sit on the food chain rung of the ladder inrelation to the code models. I know Ultra is at the top etc.
    I thought that 8000SATA was a good thing :?: Whats wrong with SATA :?:
    LineNoise suggested 2 DVD/RW instead of one. I had one CD & DVD burner and said it would be better coz then I can rip DVD to DVD etc for a few extra bucks. Made sense to me :oops:
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  18. http://www.staticice.com.au/

    Is another good site to compare prices, they don't get prices from MSY which I've found to be cheapest, but it's good for finding some of the cheapest prices and suppliers too.
  19. OK... the TDH sits one below the Ultra. I've got a 6600GT (the exact same card) in non-SLI mode and it flies. SLI mode will just be insane! And that mobo comes with the SLI bracket...

    M's, X's & SE's in the NVidia line typically refers to the cutdown cards - shortcuts here and there. For example, M64, 440MX, 4800 SE, etc.

    TD, TDH, GT, Ultra, GTS, Pro - typically refer to upgraded chipsets. Some of the upgrades can be kinda silly though, ie: the old GF2 GTS Pro - better clockspeed and more RAM, 2x the price.

    Extreme usually means overclocked, but its typically easy to adjust.

    SO... 6600GT TDH Extreme - GT (high-end) TDH (upgraded chipsit - typically clock speed) Extreme (overclockable)

    As for the burner, hell, they;re like $130- each, so its not a major expense. Its just that you won't gain a great deal from 2 x DVD+/-RW drives over 1 x DVD+/-RW and 1 x DVD-ROM. The ROM won't wear out as fast, will often read media that bit faster on a sustained read (eg: playing audio/video), and should (or don't buy it) digital audio out, something most burners still (stupidly) don't have. They cost about $60, so if you want to save $60 or so, there's a place to do it.

    Budget in a couple of 80 or 120mm case fans too.

    SATA drives cost more then IDE, and really won't gain you much, hence why I said to save the $. You won't notice the performance change, unless you go for some full-blown 160U 15000rpm SCSI drives.

    Also consider CentreCom for parts (guess the URL...), as well as MSY. Prices are certainly comparible. Finally, NewComputers have a few hidden bargains (ie: the 6600GT I got there @ $330 inc. - no-one else had it for less than $400.)

    Hope this helps.
  20. Buy yourself an XBOX and with all the $$$ you save yourself, pick up a nice big HD TV and surround system.

    Sorry Dazza, couldn't resist ;)