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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by b3nje909, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Anyone into online gaming? preferably 360?

    Gears of War anyone?
  2. If you don't want to read the rubbish stuff, the background info on why I'm playing games this year, move onto GAMER part :grin:


    I used to be a HUGE gamer as a kid to teens. Got off it when I was busy playing (music, pubs and females :twisted: ). Had an operation last year (I'm 34 now) for nerve damage and told potential outcomes could be at best, heal from operation in 3-4 months, and "medium" is be stuck on couch from pain and recovery for 2-3 years to loss of arm (total movement - basically same as amputation). So in prep of recovery I bought an xbox 360 + 22" WS monitor, had a PS2 and a PC consisting of major stuff: E4300 oc'ed to 3.2ghz with 4GB RAM and 7600GT oc'ed 20%-30% "real world" gain. Mainly got the vid card so when DX10 games ever became "the standard", I'd get a DX10 card that was probably worth $1000 start of this year would be about $400 or so whenever this "situation" arose. That's if I was still recovering and "needed" games to help me pass time.

    Luckily (I guess :? ) my recovery situation allows me to still ride, albeit I was in bucketloads of pain 24/7 for a fair while but now I can spend a good chunk of time on the bike, still don't have "use" of my right upper arm. This allows me to play console games and non fast moving mouse games due to me not being able to move my right arm-the mouse much. Now that me background "sympthaty" stuff is out of the way :nopity: ;) Onto the main stuff! GAMING

    GAMER of NOW

    On xbox 360 which is main gaming machine (maybe game 1-2 hrs a day *if* I can make myself stay on it. I sold the PS2 to a friend as RPGs (usually my fav games) are now finally hitting xbox 360. I just got Blue Dragon: English ver! \o/ and BioShock this weekend. So I will be gaming a LOT again I think. I have been playing Colin McRae: Dirt + Forza 2 (car games) a bit. Funnily enough, cars bore me in real life yet I love them on game. :eek: I haven't played Gears Of War for a while.. a long while. Also liked Ghost Recon (I think that's the name?) number 2 or whatever it was when it first came out, umm 6 months ago?

    I get games from http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-14-71-bn-49-en.html

    I really don't use xbox live as I don't play games much as mentioned earlier and the games I do like are mainly single player titles. Why did I make this post? Well I don't know really. I blame the (legal) drugs I'm on that make me "sillier than normal" at times. :-k
  3. hmmm

    Bioshock didnt really faze me aye.. But I will probably still get it.

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) also didnbt faze me (was abig fan of the previous episodes but I had played Rainbow 6:vegas and Gears of War by then)

    To me Gears is probably the greatest online game ever made, you get one chance per round, its close quaters, its violent, its extremly team tactics based

    Was tempted by Forza, but got Overlord instead, which quickley changed to Gears.

    Halo 3 in 38 days.

    Good luck with your recovery bud,.
  4. heya b3nji909,
    Just got my 360 back from repairers :) had the dreaded 3 flashing lights. and was pretty lazy in gettin it sent off to be fixed. Love the halo series. am hanging for the 3rd :twisted: Started playing Gears before my 360 broke so gettin back into it now :) microsoft also gave me a free month of live so we'll see how we go on that :)
  5. yeah I got the 3 red rings of death about 6 months ago.

    I found (and others) if you elevate the console off the ground a bit (10/15mm) so you have airflow undeneath it, it should have no problems at all.

    I dunno about H3. I am excited, but I think run and gun multiplayer (quake/halo/unreal tournament) are games of the past.
  6. rainbow 6 vegas has to be one of the best games evar!!! love it.

    i cant wait for halo 3.. halo will never die!!!! one of, if not the best series of games no doubt, and will always attract a big audience.

    at the moment near my consol for playing is

    gears of war (always)
    tenchu Z

    soon to add halo 3, forza, and maybe guitar heros( apparently its on 360, and played it at a mates place today and its not bad for something different)

    as for the red rings of death.. ive had a couple mates have the problem, sen off their consoles and get a new one in return inside of a month.
  7. I'm up for a game of gears of war, haven't played in months though so ill be a bit rusty.
  8. I play Red Orchestra Ostfront online and Company of Heroes and Codename Panzers offline
  9. Add me: Mr Watermelon, and ill give u guys a game in 3 weeks :p
  10. Agreed. Loved playing it co-op. Gears was also a very impressive game; I liked that they acknowledged it was on a console and tweaked the game-play to cope (the whole crouch-attack thing)...

    Currently playing Tomb Raider Legend which is fun but nothing special.

    Looking forward to Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank, Bioshock (a bit), Assassins Creed and Grand Theft Auto 4. Oh, and TF2. :)

    360/ps3 tag: Sillygit
  11. I got excited when i saw 'gamers' in the title...then realised you mean console gaming.

    anyway we have a PS2, and I am the most addicted player of Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on the planet.

    We also do quite a bit of LAN gaming, command & conquer style.
  12. a mate of mine agrees that vegas is awesome.. he borrowed it about 3 months ago and be fcuked if he'll give it back.. im tempted to go buy another copy for myself so i can play it hahaha.

    when halo 3 comes out we should set something up.. im happy to play gears of war (im not good, but enjoy it non the less) but with limited places in parties i think it will be better to wait and play halo, ive heard 8 player a side on versus, 16 still on big team battle, plus 4 player co-op campaign and a heap of other little tweaks from the halo 2 online experience that should make it an awesome game for groups to hook up to.
  13. if anyone wants add me.

    b3nje909 I use it for everything on the internet (myspace, forums, email etc)

    I also have R 6:v, but got sick of spawn camping, thats why Gears is just out of this world to me.
    But I wouldnt mind actually doing the campaign, started 3 times and get bored.

    Also have Viva Pinyata, Oblivion, Overlord, Worms arcade, Doom arcade.

    But most likely I will trade disc games for Bioshock or H3 legendary :D

    I also have a PS2, but not network adapter (bought mine before they became stock)
  14. yep.. spawn killing sucks balls.. especially if its followed by some dipshit seppo braging about ho good they are.. i freakin hate that.

    ive played the GoW campaign though maybe 1/2 a dozen tomes.. finished iton all 3 difficulties.. love it.
  15. no consoles for me, just the pc :grin:

    SoF2 for life!! :cool:

    Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix = best FPS ever.

    it got me thru year 11 n 12 with no sleep till 5am or so, most nights. i prefered to study the ak and m4 rather than psych or specialist maths :grin:

    gaaaah HATE spawn campers... theyre pretty generic n00bs they seem to inhabit almost every spawnable game :cry:

  16. I like Viva Pinata :oops: :oops:
  17. Im a Counter Strike girl on PC but have a PS2... Almost completed Need for Speed Underground 2... Love racing games more than anything...
  18. viva pinata...


    Its all cute n stuff but pretty boring.

    I done gears campaign on all three difficulties, but had to do most of insane co-op. wierd thing was, we got General Raam on co-op second go...

    Which I think is pretty shit hot.
  19. What, no WoW here? Must just be me then...
  20. [​IMG]